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Food Safety Package 2 Regular

Package 2
is the set of tools purchased most by restaurants, restaurant managers, food handling instructors, food manufacturers, food quality control professionals, inspection services, health inspectors and other food services.

This package aids food service organizations in a more comprehensive approach in regards to hygiene and infection control than Package 1. Increase hand hygiene compliance with this package by modifying the infection control behavior needed for employees’ daily tasks.

The simulation germs, hygiene lessons, health posters, stickers and so forth help employees remember to keep a clean environment and wash their hands. The investment is still low but the payoff can be big. The kit contents can also be purchased separately. Click on any of the content descriptions to be linked to the corresponding pages of individual products/services.

Uses include: Teaching new employees, food handling courses, hygiene continuing education, cleaning inspections, continuing education of hand hygiene, hand washing campaigns, environmental cleaning, simulation training, testing, outbreak responses, compliance initiatives, fun hygiene games, etc.


Glo Germ Premium Mini Kit
(2 oz Gel, 1.2 oz Powder, LED Flaslight Black Light)
Package 2 Contents 
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134 $    36.95

Package Value  $    36.95

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