Glo Germ Powder

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Glo Germ Powder, also known as fluorescent powder, is perfect for germ simulations for healthcare and food safety. Glo Powder is effective at teaching nurses, CNAs, and other health professionals about the importance of hygiene. Glo Germ is often used in food handling and restaurant manager courses to show how foodborne illnesses spread.

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Black Lights for Infection Control

Glo Germ 1.9 oz Powder
(1.9 oz Fluorescent Powder) 


Glo Germ Powder Applicator with Powder
(Built in Powder in Applicator (Comes with 4 oz))

Who Should Use This Product:
Educational Organizations Medical Organizations
Elementary Schools
EMS Professionals
School Districts EMTs
School Assembly Teams Paramedics
School Nurses Police Officers

Individual Elem. Teachers

Daycares First Aid Classes
Preschools CPR Classes
Montessori Schools HR Professionals
Home School Groups Infection Control Professionals
After School Programs Specialty Offices
Summer School Chiropractor Offices
Summer Camps Outpatient Facilities
Health Teacher Nursing Home Employees
PE Teachers Nursing Schools
Health Fairs Dental Hygienist Schools
Universities and Colleges Dental Office Employees
Elementary Education Programs Trade Schools
Trade Schools Nurses
 And So Forth...  Laboratories
   Funeral Homes
   And So Forth