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What can Glo Germ do for your organization?

How can Glo Germ help with the coronavirus?

Glo Germ helps teach proper hand washing, environmental cleaning techniques, and general awareness surrounding outbreaks (including coronavirus). Glo Germ is the prevention training that organizations need to help raise the familiarity of hazardous situations. Instead of just talking in general about viruses that aren't seen with our eyes, Glo Germ lights up under a black light to give team members a visible representation of how droplets and other substances can carry contagious elements.

  • Glo Germ Gel can simulate saliva, blood, and other bodily fluids on hands and items
  • Glo Germ Powder can simulate sneezes, coughs, and other airborne elements
  • Glo Germ Mist can also highlight how airborne elements spread so quickly

What to do specifically with Glo Germ to help teach your teams about coronavirus:

  • Apply Glo Germ (door handles, beds, floors, tools, equipment, hands, and other items that can come into contact).
  • Show the simulation germs by pointing the black light in the area(s) applied, turn off light.
  • Instruct participants to clean area.
  • Illuminate the areas with the black light once again.
  • Point out areas that were missed since it will be visible where Glo Germ remains.
  • Instruct how to clean more thoroughly to avoid leaving hazardous elements behind.
  • Repeat as many time as necessary.

See the many types and sizes of Glo Germ kits to find the right one for your team or organization.


OUTFOX germs in preschools, elementary schools, home school groups, first aid classes, health classes and other groups that interact often. 

OUTFOX to reduce HAI's (healthcare-associated infections) and the spread of illness and disease in hospitals, clinics, nursing schools, medical schools and other medical locations.

OUTFOX germs to increase food safety in restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, food manufacturing, packaging and other food handling areas.