Hygiene Poster Product Reviews

Misc. Hygiene Posters


Employees Must Wash Hands Health Reinforcement Sign Poster

OUTFOX recommends this hygiene sign that can be hung in bathrooms and other hand washing areas.  Using this health sign is also effective when discussing infection control and other hygiene topics.  Posters are a great way for an organization, whether an educational or medical institution, to promote a health initiative or other issue that might be present.  It is effective to get fresh signs up in conspicuous places to keep the attention of your target audience. Hang this hygiene reminder poster where it can be seen frequently to increase health standards.


Hand Hygiene Saves Lives Sign

Use this hygiene sign when conducting hand hygiene lessons and other trainings dealing with infection control.  Students and employees are more likely to practice effective hygiene principles when they have health reminder posters and other signs dealing with germ/virus control.  Test it out if possible.  Observe the number of times hand washing occurs if there are no posters and then switch it up and observe when there are posters present (i.e. hung around hand washing areas).  You can design your own but it is often more effective to use recognizable brands and copyrighted messages that many people will understand.


Wash Your Hands Poster

The hygiene message is clear which helps students and employees remember to wash their hands frequently.  Display this infection control poster where many people can see in order to increase hygiene standards.  The message is simple and can be understood by the youngest audience.  Hanging these posters around areas where hand hygiene is needed can increase the frequency of use.  Hand sanitizing stations (with hand sanitizer bottles) are also great places for the posters to be hung.  OUTFOX recommends pairing this sign with health promotions and infection control activities.


Hand Hygiene Compliance Zone Ahead Poster

According to OUTFOX, it is always good to provide as many hygiene reminders as possible to maintain a sanitary environment.  Hanging hygiene posters increases the likelihood of employees and guests practicing hand hygiene and other good infection control practices.  This is a very noticeable sign that can be placed in many areas around medical organizations.  The best thing you can do in connection with trainings is provide the most reminder posters to reemphasize important principles. 


Hand Hygiene Boulevard Poster

This colorful hand hygiene reminder poster has been proven effective by OUTFOX.  Posting this sign helps emphasize a hygiene training or infection control initiative.  Students or employees will be reminded to wash their hands every time they see the poster.  Point students in the right direction to better health through hand washing!  The poster is familiar because it mimics street signs found in every city and are very noticeable to people that pass by.  Switch the posters around frequently to add a new effect so they are more highly noticed.


Stop: Wash or Sanitize Hands Poster

This infection control sign can be used in areas where high levels of hygiene/sanitation are required.  Hygiene reminder posters help keep areas clean and are great for emphasizing a hygiene training or other infection control program.  Stop signs are noticed by most cultures.  Meaning, that most people recognize something is important that is printed on it.  This sign is no exception.  Use this sign by hand washing stations, around hand sanitizing dispensers, around patient doors and other areas where the Standard Precaution principles are highly important.


Quartet ADA Approved Hygiene Sign; Employees Must Wash Hands Symbol

This hygiene symbol is well recognizable and recommended for hanging in any bathroom or hand wash area.  The bold infection control sign will help emphasize good hand hygiene through effective hand washing.  OUTFOX recommends most organizations to use this sign because of the universal appeal.  Hand washing signs in bathrooms, although very simple, have been proven to increase the likelihood of people cleaning up after using the restroom.  Help keep you organization clean by getting these signs in noticeable places for people to notice.  You can purchase these in conjunction to a lesson if your organization doesn’t currently have them in place.