Infection Control and Hygiene Blog
    The Infection Control and Hygiene Blog is OUTFOX's communication medium for short health announcements, funny poor hygiene examples, tradeshow recaps, customer testimonials and much more for the Infection Preventionist (or other professionals dealing with infection control)!  If you would like your organization profiled by OUTFOX please contact us and an OUTFOX representative will review your submission.
    The School and Home Hygiene Blog is for teachers, Home school groups, parents, preschools, daycares, school nurses, school administrators, community event organizers and others working to educate children in best hygiene practices.  Learn how to maintain a clean environment, teach about infection control, teach hand washing, reduce illnesses and much more.  Contact us to add your thoughts and ideas!

    The OUTFOX Newsletter is a periodic Newsletter that is written by OUTFOX representatives or is a compilation of customer articles.  OUTFOX highlights good hygiene principles, popular infection control methods, CDC standard precautions and other tips for infection control best practices.

OUTFOX Events (Sponsorships, Public Trainings, Seminars, Etc.)
    OUTFOX periodically posts events that are sponsored or attended by OUTFOX representatives.  If you have an event for us to attend or to promote, please contact us and we will review it for posting. 

Stop School Based Illness Petition (Sign to show support)
    The petition is hosted in part with PASBi (Parents Against School Based Illnesses).  The petition for better hygiene and health trainings will be taken to schools, teachers and other groups that work with children.  Your support is appreciated.  To donate to PASBi please see their website.
    Promotional videos are used by OUTFOX to reach a variety of customer groups.  Videos include short funny videos about poor hygiene, hand washing examples, infection control trainings, new hygiene product introductions, tradeshow recaps and customer testimonials.  If you would like to add your video or testimonial please contact us to submit and we will review and upload to our account.
    OUTFOX has compiled a list of foums, news sites and other discussion areas where hygiene and infection control is featured.  OUTFOX would like to join and list other resources that increase value to teachers, schools, medical organizations, nurses, food service organizations and others.  If you know of a list or group that needs to be added to the list please contact us and we will review it for posting.
OUTFOX Pictures
    OUTFOX pictures are obtained from tradeshows dealing with infection control, OUTFOX events, sponsored meetings, and other people or items that are appropriate to the infection control topic.  If you have pictures that you would like to add please contact us and well will review them for posting.

Press Releases
    OUTFOX press releases alert the media and public about new hygiene products, new infection control services, OUTFOX sponsored events, organizatoins with success in infection control, and new hygiene initiatives.  Check back to see the latest news at OUTFOX!

    The Health Test was created to give individuals the opportunity to test where they fit in the infection control spectrum.  Take the test and see if you are a hygiene angel or germ monster!  Pass this test (link) onto others to see how your friends match up.
    Partners of OUTFOX will receive exposure at the many events, tradeshows and other meetings that are attended by OUTFOX.  Also, partners will receive a link and bio on the OUTFOX site.  If you would like to know more information about being an OUTFOX partner please contact us and an OUTFOX representative will contact you.