Glo Germ Christmas Holiday Infection Control Lesson

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Use Glo Germ to teach a great infection control lesson during the Christmas and Thanksgiving holiday seasons.

 Glo Germ Health Lesson

Glo Germ Lesson: All I Want For Christmas

All I Want For Christmas


Content Objective:

The students will be able to practice effective hygiene principles in preparation for the holiday break in order to reduce the amount of illnesses brought back to school.  The optional 3 week span will help build good habits.  Also, the students will understand the good (Nice) and bad (Naughty) nature of germs. 


Glo Germ Kit, colored paper, scissors, glue, markers, glitter, educational and promotional posters, prizes (i.e. pencils, magnets, etc.), Certificates of Achievement, and any other design materials.


  • Habit
  • Hygiene Principle
  • Mores

Building Background Knowledge:

Ask students the following questions:

  • How long does it take to build a habit?
    • The average time to build a habit is three weeks.
  • Why is it important to form a habit of practicing good hygiene principles at school, home, or in public?
    • It is a very responsible thing to do in order to not get sick often and also to not spread illnesses to other people.



  • Discuss with the students which hygiene principles would be easy to follow/practice as a class for the 3-4 week period leading up to the holiday break.  Decide on at least three habits to track.
  • Use the Glo Germ to illustrate how germs spread and affect us daily.
    • Have students apply the Glo Germ Gel or Powder.  Make sure they get it all over their hands (i.e. doorknobs, sinks, pencils, or other designated area)
    • Using the black light, show students how germs lurk on their hands
    • Have them wash their hands and check for the germs again
    • Use the Identifier Lotion or Powder for many of the activities and games supplied by OUTFOX in this manual



You must prepare the students for habit building exercises (training, tracking method, follow up, incentives, etc.).  Discussing that the lesson will extend past the current activity (recommended to last at least three weeks before the holiday break) is imperative for the students to adjust their mindsets.  The planned activity for this lesson is for the students to create their own germ and “Holiday Hygiene Chain.”

A proper introduction to the lesson includes using the Glo Germ training kit and the related tools.  Explain how germs seem to get the best of us during the colder times of the season.  The fluorescent simulation germs of GloGerm create a “gross out” out factor that will get the students’ minds focused on increasing their hygiene standards. 

As part of the lesson, introduce how there are good germs and bad germs (i.e. Naughty and Nice germs).  Explain that we need to work hard to keep Naughty germs off our hands by washing them often (before class, before and after recess and lunch, and whenever they are visibly dirty, etc.). 

The students should then be introduced to the “Holiday Hygiene Chain.” Discuss that each day, every student can cut a link from their chain after washing their hands (you specify the time for these daily hand washings- most teachers schedule the hand washing before lunch). 

The chain will get smaller the closer the holiday break comes.  By the time the holiday arrives, the students should have a habit of washing their hands well before a meal or whenever you schedule the hand washing session.

To create initial excitement for the germ creation and chain building, explain that there will be a prize for the best looking Naughty and Nice germ (or other type of contest you choose). 

Give Certificates of Achievement to all students.  Hand out prizes to the winners of the designated contest or as you see fit.

“Hands On Experience:”


  • Have the students draw, color, and cut out their germ they create.  The germ they create serves as the top piece where the chain will attach. 
  • Have the students create a linked chain from colored paper (color of their choice).  Determine the amount of days from the training until the holiday break (or other day). 
  • Paste or tape the chain to the germ.
  • Hang the Holiday Hygiene Chains on the wall where they can be accessed by the children.
  • Each day, the students can cut a link from the chain after washing their hands.  Multiple hand washings in the day can make up for days that the student was absent.

Wrap Up:


  • Take note of the attitude changes of the students as the time goes by.  Do they remember to wash their hands?  Are they eager to get another link cut off?  Are they washing their hands more often in other situations in result of the habit forming exercise?  Are the students beginning to police themselves because of the enlightened hygiene standards?

Home Connection:


  • Have the students create and start their own Holiday Hygiene Chain at home with family and friends.  Send a note home that explains the chain and how the student can cut a link when they wash their hands at home (one a day).
  • Send the students’ created germs and any remaining links home with them when the holiday break begins.
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