APIC Day 2 of the Infection Control Conference

posted Jun 27, 2011, 1:44 PM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 24, 2016, 8:47 AM ]
Day 2 of the conference has been very productive for OUTFOX Prevention.  We have been amazed to meet with and listen to professionals in the infection control field.  There are many innovative products on display in Baltimore that help reduce the spread of germs through hand hygiene, bed pan sterilization, catheter removal, environmental cleaning and so forth.  OUTFOX is planning to partner with many of these organizations that can provide effective health products and best practices for infection control.
The vendor show was great and many of the available presentations were helpful.  One of the better presentations was done by Amy Nichols, RN, MBA, CIC in a concurrent session.  Her presentation topic, “Novel Approaches for Staff Education,” drew droves of nurses, RN’s and Infection Preventionists. 
She had very interesting and helpful tips to encourage staff to increase hand hygiene compliance.  Some of the tips shared include:  “Show don't tell.”  Meaning, staffers learn better with effective signs.  But be careful that your hygiene posters are not too wordy! You should simplify reminder images with fun germ images and germ phrases.  It was effective, according to her research to use pictures of what the staff NEEDs to look like (i.e. picture with all the necessary equipment on). She also recommended using screen savers that can be placed on the organization’s computers.


We visited the “Henry the Hand” exhibit and commended them on their work to increase the hand hygiene compliance for many organizations.  Many of the pictures and messages were entertaining and brought the infection control topic to the front of the mind. 


Some of the more interesting products included the new automatic hand compliance indicators.  These machines are placed in areas where hand washing is required.  They record whether or not the nurse or care provider entered the room and used the hand sanitizer or soap dispenser.  The system then tracks the progress to health reduce the amount of healthcare acquired infections.  OUTFOX is investigating if these systems really reduce the spread of infection and increase hand washing frequency. 
Personal Protective Equipment innovations are all over for display!  We only made it through a fourth of the booths so hopefully we can make the full rounds tomorrow!  We also intend to visit all of the poster presentations.

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