Day 3 APIC Hygiene Tradeshow, Baltimore

posted Jun 28, 2011, 12:36 PM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 24, 2016, 8:48 AM ]

In general, OUTFOX Prevention again was impressed by the APIC show in Baltimore this year. Day 3 was really down to business as we got away from the fun parts of the conference. We were more thoroughly able to investigate health products which included: UV light cleansing for environmental cleaning, new drape systems, new scrubs and soft materials, sterile pumps, Healthcare software systems and much more!


We got to about two-thirds of the booths... It got tiring but we were able to talk to a lot of business owners that were passionate about their health and prevention products. There is a lot of money going into research and development for better ways to OUTFOX illness and disease.


I stopped by Henry the Hand again to get a picture with the blow-up mascot! That was fun. Henry the Hand's kits are great ways for organizations to start long term hygiene interventions.  This brings up some good points from a concurrent session.
First of all, organizations need to focus on long term infection control programs and not just on short term activities. Does that sound overwhelming? There's nothing wrong with trying to jump start your infection control efforts with fun games and activities- you just need to be able to eventually tie the hygiene efforts into a long term program strategy. Finding sustainable habits, meetings, procedures, competitions, etc. that work toward better health standards is a huge benefit to hospitals and clinics. See the sign below that says it all.

Hand hygiene through hand washing, cleaning high traffic areas and creating touch less (or disposable) devices dominates the focus at this APIC show (2011).  Indeed. Clean hands saves lives!


Catheter infection control has been a running topic. There seems to be a huge focus on new devices for connections and the risk of cross contamination.  OUTFOX has enjoyed seeing all the novel approached by all the differing manufacturers. I'm still trying to figure out where this common thread of focus stemmed from... Can we tell what will be the main sales focus in APIC 2012? It seems that UV light technology, although around for many many years, seems to be a hygiene product that my come more into the infection control spot light in years to come.


This picture was along the wall of the "Infection Control Heroes"... Todd Fox strives to reach this wall! I think the new phrase that has caught the attention of most the infection control preventionists in regard to OUTFOX is "Does your organization need me?"

Congrats to all those that achieved the "APIC 2011 Heroes of Infection Control!" We look forward to Day 4 of APIC before we fly out! Also, spot the "OUTFOX" T-shirt on the street tonight and win some free hygiene items!

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