Ensure Quality and Cleanliness in Manufacturing through Glo Germ

posted Jan 29, 2014, 2:57 PM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 23, 2016, 2:38 PM ]

Infection Control is Important in Manufacturing

Upon first glance, most people think that effectively using infection control in a manufacturing business is overboard and unnecessary. Why would you need to fight infection when it is a manufacturing plant and not a healthcare organization, school, food service or a place that many people frequent? Namely, when you think of all the products that are manufactured you better be glad that they use great infection control procedures!

Manufacturers are some of the leading users of the Glo Germ Kit System to test and train for germ prevention and infection control. However, some are not using the fluorescent germ simulations, but they should be!

If a manufacturing business is not careful, they can be the cause of infections and diseases that spread the world. For, manufacturing is required for food processing (canned and packaged foods), makeup and other beauty products (lotions, creams, soaps, etc.), baby products and so forth.

Manufacturers can be Major Germ Spreaders

Really, manufacturing can become a distribution point for germs and viruses if proper care is not taken. It can spread fast and be too late to recall the contaminated products before some real damage is done. We have all heard of recalls being made on contaminated products, but these recalls only come after a certain number of people suffer the effects and someone connects the dots. These contaminated products have caused illnesses from small to life taking. So, how can manufacturers reduce the amount of contaminants getting into the product?

Besides using Glo Germ Kits (we will explain how Glo Germ fits into manufacturing), manufacturers have cleanrooms set up (rooms designated for the reduction of contaminates), frequent testing, quality assurance processes, quality assurance personnel and inspections by the FDA and other government programs. 

All the steps that manufacturing has implemented to fight infection are completely necessary- so how does Glo Germ fit in? Actually, Glo Germ fits into every process and procedure. The following are great ways for you to use Glo Germ in a manufacturing business:

Glo Germ in Manufacturing

  • Test the effectiveness of cleanrooms
  • Test the difference in the spreading of infection between regular floor operations
  • Test the hand washing of employees
  • Test the general hygiene practices of employees
  • Test glove removal procedures (incorrect removal can contaminate hands and flip germs everywhere)
  • Teach cross contamination
  • Ensure quality sealing
  • Verify cleaning is being done effectively
  • Conduct cleaning trainings with fluorescent germs

The fluorescent-germ simulation can be used in many ways, it really depends on your imagination for the training. If you are having a quality issue, then Glo Germ should be inserted at the main source. Test, measure and test some more to make sure your manufacturing process (or cleaning process) is effective.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to be proactive and insert a training tool like Glo Germ. You can stay ahead of the infection game instead of dealing with outbreaks, PR nightmares, lawsuits, healthcare bills and so forth.

If you would like direction on how to best use Glo Germ in your facility then please contact us. We are always willing to consult with companies free of charge.

Glo Germ is not just effective in the manufacturing or medical industries. Teachers have found Glogerm to be very effective in schools (teach hand washing early so they will always remember), restaurants use it for food safety (hand washing, cross contamination, glove removal, etc.) and many other industries (dentistry and banking to name a few) love it.

If your industry was not listed but you are having a germ issue (people getting sick, people not washing their hands, employees coming to work sick, people coughing without covering their mouths, etc.) then contact us and we can help you know how to best use the Glo Germ Kits.

Thanks for reading!

Glo Germ Kits for Manufacturing Operations


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