Fight Infection with Vigor to Avoid Illness and Disease

posted Mar 5, 2012, 12:01 PM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 24, 2016, 8:09 AM ]
When the infections build up who are you going to call?
Most of us are familiar with the Batman Symbol used when Gotham is in trouble, and now many of you are getting acquainted with the OUTFOX Symbol used to align infection control efforts in clinics, hospitals, schools and other facilities.  This analogy of Batman and infection control may be silly, but there are some great truths that can be realized.  For, the more that symbols are visible and used, the more effective they become.  The attached picture is the mural created on the wall at the home of OUTFOX Prevention (creating it was quite fun!).


The similarities between Batman and OUTFOX?  Gotham is always in trouble of being run over by criminals, hoodlums and other enemies.  Clinics, hospitals, schools, food services and other organizations are constantly being infiltrated by viruses, diseases and all types of

germs.  Batman saved Gotham through expert tools and combining the efforts of law enforcement to defeat the bad guys.  Like Batman, you can defeat the germs and harmful elements in your organization with OUTFOX by:


-Aligning the efforts of EVERY employee in your organization (from CEO to line employee)
  • -Implementing effective training
  • -Constantly reminding (health signs, hygiene posters, CE, memo taglines, etc.) staff
  • -Tying in great incentives for compliance and results
  • -Providing adequate supplies (PPE, convenient soap and sanitizer locations, etc.)
  • -Ensuring effective equipment in place (air and water filters, detection, UV lighting tools, etc.)


    Beating the bad guys (germs) is important and can only be accomplished by increasing your compliance results and standards.  Issues with outbreaks or claims almost always stem from an action or series of actions that are not in line with effective infection control.  Many organizations have weak infection control goals, skin-deep hygiene promotional campaigns, skeptical employees, inadequate supplies and no rewards/consequences (to name a few). 


    Increasing the organization’s standards helps keep clients/patients healthy, employees from getting sick, reduces negligent claims and saves money.  Our risk management and insurance background has given us countless amounts of evidence showing that non-compliance can lead to some serious results.  


    Prevention may be your skill set, but to be a true Infection Preventionist (or a similar type role in your organization) you need to be more than that.  In general terms, you need to be a PR professional, marketer, organizational developer, statistician and leader.  How can you manage to do this effectively in your organization?


    Raise the OUTFOX Symbol

    Raising a campaign that touches the entire organization and aligns everyone along common goals will be a huge challenge but will make or break your program.  OUTFOX helps you align efforts, tools and resources to receive the maximum benefit.  The FOX Symbol is projected to be the same type of influence as the pink ribbon for Cancer Awareness and yellow ribbon for the Support of Our Troops.  If you would like to see how the OUTFOX Mindset can work for your organization please email us at  We are giving away some of our tools to early responders who request more information about the OUTFOX Mindset.


    Raise the FOX Symbol today and your organization can start OUTFOXing illness and disease!

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