Final Activity Section: Infection Control Games Part 10

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Infection Control Games for your students!
This is the last and final round of the infection control games sections.  Please look through our blog to find the other 9 sections of hygiene activities.  Thanks for reading!  We really appreciate your efforts to OUTFOX infection and teach better hygiene habits.

Parasite Relay

Potential Supplies: Masking tape, markers, two pieces of cardboard cut into a silhouette of a simulation germ (see OUTFOX Prevention’s germ cartoons) for EACH team. 

Mark off the beginning and ending points. Divide the group into evenly numbered teams. Each team should get two germ silhouettes. These will act as their “lilies” as they try to make it from the starting line to the end point and back. The game will start on go! The team members’ goal is make it to the end point and back by only stepping on the germ silhouette. Hence, he/she places one germ silhouette down, steps, puts the next down, steps, grabs the first germ and moves it forward, steps onto the placed germs, grabs the second and moves it forward, and so forth. The first team to have all members go to the end and back wins! 

This lesson can be followed up with a Glo Germ Kit lesson.  The students will love the to see the Glo Germ on their hands and learn how to best clean up.  Use a black light to light up the fluorescent Glo materials.  Email us with questions.

Hidden Viruses (V-I-R-U-S)

Potential Supplies: Cards or construction paper (each group member should receive 5 cards or germ cutouts with a single letter on each, spelling out V-I-R-U-S. Cards can be the same color or different depending on the version or difficulty of the game desired.) 

Give a lesson on germs/ viruses that illustrate how germs are all around us but our hidden from our view. The sets of words should be mixed and spread throughout the room, hallway or building before the group meets. The object of the game is for each class member to collect 5 cards that spell out V-I-R-U-S. You can hide these in areas that normally house a lot of germs or other general areas. The first player to get virus spelled out wins. A variation of this game may include each player finding 5 cards of differing colors that also spell out V-I-R-U-S. Or another variation might entail each student finding their specific assigned color that differs from everyone else’s color. 

Evasion: Avoid the Germ

Possible Supplies: Plastic or laminated germ picture (small enough to fit into an ice cube), ice cube trays (or paper cups for bigger ice cubes), paper towels (or regular towels), etc. 

Have all the group members stand in a circle. Start the ice cube pass with the person at the top of the circle. The goal of the game is to not end up with the germ once the ice melts. No throwing, tossing, or delaying the pass. Have towels ready for their wet hands. The person that ends up with the germ loses. 

Fun Facts from NIH (

Microbe laden droplets (from a cough or sneeze) can travel as far as 3 feet. 
Covering your mouth and nose with a tissue, the crook of your elbow or even your hand is the considerate thing to do. 
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