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posted Mar 13, 2014, 8:01 AM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 23, 2016, 2:25 PM ]
Glo Germ inspired lessons and activities can teach infection control better than almost any method
We announced last week that we are releasing the Hygiene Instructional Manual for free digitally... Well, here it is!  Download is the blue link below (copy and paste into your browser if you are not automatically redirected).  We recommend saving it to your desktop or other means quickly because the link expires.   SendNow links are active for 30 days, so you need to act now.  The file was posted on 03/13/2014.  Meaning, the link will expire 04/11/2014.  

Download the Hygiene Instructional Manual here>>

Copy and paste this link if not redirected:*NDrw

We would like to post this on our page, but the size of the hygiene manual is too large (thus we are using the SendNow service).  This manual is for a limited time.  Email us if you get an "expiration" notice on the link (  We hope that many teachers, infection preventionists and other health professionals can use one or many of the tools contained within the manual.

Use this manual to teach hand washing, cleaning and other hygiene principles. Make sure to conduct each lesson or activity with Glo Germ as well to emphasize the importance of germ awareness.

The manual contains infection control lessons, fun activities, interactive games, worksheets, word puzzles, germ information and much more!  This manual has enough ideas to last most classrooms all year.  For, fighting illness and disease is a full time job!

If you were not able to download the infection control manual in time then please email us (  Once we get enough people wanting to download a second time then we will activate the link again.  

If you have questions then please contact us!  Thank you!  We hope you enjoy some of the tools that we have created for students and staff members.

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