Germ Songs to teach hand washing and infection control

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This is song list 2 of 3 for hand washing rhymes. Songs about germs can help engage children to wash their hands better. Fun activities will often lead to a higher retention of the concepts, which is a great start to habits. Classrooms are areas that harbor germs and viruses. As a teacher, you need to be constantly reminding just to keep most the class healthy. 

Cold and flu season can hit schools hard. If your students aren't up to date with hygiene habits (hand washing, coughing, sneezing, staying home when sick, etc.) then you could have a real issue on your hands within a few days.

We try to give activity ideas that can be used in most classrooms. We also promote the usage of Glo Germ. Glo Germ comes in gel, powder, or mist form to simulate all the ways that germs can spread. You simply apply the germs and let the students see them under a black light. You can test handwashing with Glo Germ or show how a cough can travel. 

Hope you survive the sick season!

One, Two, Rinse Off the Germs

Tune:  One, Two, Buckle My Shoe


One, Two, rinse off the germs 
Three, Four, add some soap 
Five, Six, scrub again 
Seven, Eight, wash away 
Nine, Ten, clean again!

Actions:  Kids can rub their hands together while singing the song

Eency Weency Viruses

Tune:  Eency Weency Spider


Eency weency viruses took over my hands again!
I walked to the sink and washed it down the drain
Now each time a germ gets on my hand
I scrub it off with soap and rinse the germ away!

Actions:  Kids can do the actions for the following words:

Hand – Point one finger in the middle of the opposite hand

Away – Throw both hands high in the air


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