Germaphobia Now- More are Closer to Becoming Germaphobes (57%)

posted Feb 4, 2014, 12:31 PM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 23, 2016, 2:38 PM ]
New Germaphobe Quiz Results
We have compiled the results of the Germaphobe Quiz! Thank you to all of the 6,600+ responders and your opinions on this infection control issue! (If you would like to take the quiz then please go to this link: Are you a Germaphobe? Quiz).

The results came from a 37 question quiz that tests the tolerance of hygiene practices (see questions here: Hygiene Questions) in many daily activities.* The following are the results broken down into percentages. 

  • 6% Are likely Germaphobes
  • 51% Are responsible with hygiene but could be bordering on Germaphobia
  • 28% Are part of the previously established “average” that often fail with hygiene practices
  • 13% Are below the previously established “average”
  • 2% Are not participating in basic hygiene practices

6% of respondents are likely Germaphobes

Germaphobia (Also labeled mysophobia) is a condition that can alter the quality of life of the individual or those around him/her. Instead of following simple hygiene practices, these individuals frequently go out of their way to fulfill urges to eliminate germs/dirt/contaminates from their life. Many physical effects can occur depending of the severity of germaphobia: dry skin (over washing), headaches, concentration issues, etc.

If actions are severe and life altering, we recommend any respondents that exhibit psychological disorders relating to germaphobia or excessive OCD to consult a professional if they would like help. We do not consult.

51% of respondents are responsible with hygiene but could be bordering on Germaphobia

The majority of respondents fell within this answer category. This is a significant jump from the previously established average, showing many more people are paying attention to hygiene and infection control. This is a little surprising, but not extremely surprising. It is less surprising when you investigate the amount of additional hygiene products being created, the increased amount of health propaganda and growing acceptance of cleanliness in the current world.

Will this percentage continue to increase or have we met a saturation point? It seems there is an intensifying debate against germaphobia, sanitation, vaccinations and the like. Time will tell where future health trends will take us.  If we were to guess, the trend will continue as more people are educated about germs, viruses and bacteria.

28% of respondents are part of the previously established “average” that often fail with hygiene practices

This used to be where the majority of the respondents fell, but times have changed. People are starting to care more about the germ levels that surround them. Does this make it right or wrong to care so much about germs? Just because everyone is doing it, does not mean that it is what is right for the world’s population.

There are intense arguments (just see some of the comments on the quiz to see some people’s passion for not being super clean) surrounding the issue of germs. A battle has started and people constantly want to know what side you are on (especially new mothers are bombarded with this choice): No germs vs Some germs. 

Both arguments have merit. For, the argument that is pro germs states that germs help build your immune system and can prepare the body for infection.

While the other argument about getting rid of germs makes sense as well- why make your body fight germ battles that it doesn’t have to (by being hygienic).

We take the approach that if you are living a relatively health lifestyle (exercise, eating right, sleeping well, etc.) then having some germs is normal. The issue comes when people are not living healthily.  The health level of your body will affect how well the body responds to germs.

Hence, your stance on germs should depend on many factors. What is your health, eating habits, occupation, propensity for illness and so forth? It is best to consult your doctor if you have specific questions in regards to hygiene and health practices that will be best you.

13% of respondents are below the previously established “average”

These individuals are constantly putting their health at risk by placing their body in risky situations. The body is equipped to fight some illness and disease, but that does not mean you should willfully make your immune system fight germ battles.

Immune system strengthens when it can fight, win and build up for future illnesses. However, there is a tipping point that will put your body in a bad spot and slow recovery.

2% of respondents are not participating in basic hygiene practices 

We would be interested in interviewing the respondents that fit into this category. We would like to see what their hygiene habits consist of. 

Thank you for taking time to read about how to OUTFOX infection. If you have questions or comments then please email them to:

OUTFOX Prevention is a infection control training company that focuses on different approaches to health and hygiene. OUTFOX openly distributes Glo Germ.

*The Germaphobe quiz is not a scientific quiz and does not claim to find conclusive evidence of a growing trend of germaphobia. According the metrics set, the majority of respondents frequently used hygiene principles that were in line with “high awareness” to common infection control practices. This should not be used to diagnosis germaphobia or other related conditions.

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