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posted Mar 6, 2014, 8:15 AM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 23, 2016, 2:34 PM ]
EMS professionals are subject to infection while treating victims
For fire fighting, time is of the utmost important in the minds of the professionals that have trained and prepared to save lives and property. It is understandable that certain precautions are thrown to the way side when it is an emergency situation.

Training and Preparation are Key

That is why the training and preparation is so crucial before an emergency hits. You are trying to minimize effects of disastrous situations, but is there something that you are doing or not doing to prolong the effects of the situation? In this blog, we want to specifically address the spread of infection, bacteria and other germs while emergency situations are occurring.

Most firefighter and EMS professionals are proficient with infection control procedures in real time. They have years of handling infectious materials, but what happens when they are forced to do their jobs in half the time? Mistakes happen. When mistakes happen then people get sick, infections spread and people are affected for prolonged amounts of time. This isn't just counting victims or patients getting affected, this includes the very professionals that are saving.

In order to get firefighters and EMS professionals trained to use effective hygiene and infection control procedures in an emergency, their training has to be up to speed and show the effects of infections that spread. This can be difficult because microbes are not visible to the human eye.

Simulation Germ Trainings Improve Awareness

Glo Germ is a great way to teach infection control to firefighters and EMS professionals because it allows them to "see" the potential effects if infection control guidelines become relaxed in an emergency situation.

Glo Germ is an infection control training that utilizes fluorescent particles as simulation germs. The simulation germs come in fluorescent powder or fluorescent gel form to allow for a variety of trainings. The fluorescent germs are non toxic and can be used to mix into training fluids (fake blood, excretions, or other bodily fluids).

After applying and undertaking the training, you can show how the germs spread by using a UV black light. The simulation germs shine bright under the UV light. You can develop lessons and discussions on the spreading of germs and of protecting yourself from disease.

Thousands of Health Professionals Use Glo Trainings

We have thousands of hygiene trainings conducted a year with Glo Germ and the results are the same. People love to see the germs and realize that they need to be protecting themselves more with tight procedures.

If you would like help developing an infection control training or implementing Glo Germ into an exercise then please contact us. We look forward to helping those that keep us safe from becoming sick and getting lasting effects from a disastrous situation. Here's to great health!

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