Glo Germ for Food Processing Organizations

posted Jun 1, 2015, 2:02 PM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 23, 2016, 2:03 PM ]
Almost every week there are reports of people getting sick, getting checked into hospitals, and some evening dying over contaminated food.

Salmonella in spinach, contaminated cantaloupes, bad broccoli, and so forth. These contaminated food reports aren't even mentioning the bacteria that often comes from meat processing plants.

In reality, most food processing operations are constantly struggling with the potential of foodborne illness outbreaks.  It only takes one outbreak to shut down operations, ruin brands, and alter the quality of life for a consumer.

The only way to avert a foodborne illness outbreak is to have a thorough hygiene and infection control program.  The program needs to be instituted from executives to the janitorial staff. The avoidance of germs needs to be almost religious for all the employees. One employee's negligence can bring the whole system down.

Besides introducing rules, reminders and hype around the program, you need the right teaching tools.  The Glo Germ System is a tool that can get your organization on track and excited about infection control.

Glo Germ helps your staff members realize how germs spread and which operations are letting germ enter the food.  Hand hygiene and hand washing stations are musts to combat germs and reduce the spreading.  The fluorescent powder and gel tests handwashing through UV black light technology.  Simply use the blacklight to test how well the hands were washed.

The need to train on glove usage is very important as well.  Glove (and other personal protective equipment - PPE) usage is often misunderstood by many workers.  Gloves may may block the bacteria and other germs from the employees' hands (although studies show that germs can penetrate). However, the gloves are also conductors of germs as workers touch various places with germ covered gloves.  

Glo Germ shows the spread from the dirty glove usage (because workers rarely switch for new gloves between tasks). Also, glove removal is a cause of for germ spreading.  Employees often flip contaminated material during removal.  Glo Germ gels and powders are simulation germs that work to teach proper handling! 

Glo Germ can help your food workers and janitorial staff see how well they are cleaning up crucial areas. If the cleaning is not conducted correctly then there is no clean process or machinery that will combat an already contaminated area.  Glo Germ helps test the environmental cleaning processes.

If you need more ways to use Glo Germ in your food processing plant then please contact us.