Glo Germ for Hospital Cleaning Staff

posted Jan 6, 2014, 4:28 PM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 23, 2016, 2:44 PM ]
People go to healthcare providers because they are sick or suffering from an ailment of some kind... So, why do so many walk away with an additional illness(es) after visiting hospitals and clinics? A major cause for these healthcare acquired infections stems from the cleanliness of the facility and infection control process failures of your environmental cleaning staff.

Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI)

Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) are real threats which have made hospitals modern epidemic centers.  For, many outbreaks can be traced back to single healthcare locations/organizations because they act as pivot points for germs and infections.  

An outbreak usually has one of two outcomes when it reaches a hospital:  1) the infection is killed, controlled or reduced in some way or 2) the infection is strengthened, passed to the weakened or spreads to more individuals in some way.  The direction the infection goes depends on many factors.  One of them is the effectiveness of the environmental cleaning staff (Sanitizing equipment, cleaning rooms, replacing contaminated items, sanitizing reusable items, using single-use medical items, glove removal, apron removal, hand washing, etc.).

Environmental Cleaning Training with Glo Germ

It is no easy task to ensure infections are not spread from patient to patient or patient to staff member. Infection control and hygiene must be taught, expected and continually emphasized in the healthcare organization.  Standards must be upheld or chaos will continue to reign.  Having one environmental cleaning staff member that is not sanitizing correctly can wreak havoc on your outbreak numbers.

How do you effectively train without your staff becoming burnt out from lessons on the standard, contact, droplet and airborne precautions? Try mixing in a variety of lessons, illustrations, onsite trainings, verifications and tests. Glo Germ can bridge any type of germ lesson or test and make it interesting and engaging.

The Glo Germ kits can be placed in areas to ensure the environmental cleaners are hitting all the crucial areas.  The fluorescent powder can simulate germs that are spread from coughing and other airborne spreading.  The fluorescent gel can simulate how blood, feces and other harmful liquids are infecting equipment, drapes, chairs, beds, pens, pencils, computer keyboards and so forth!

Many members of your environmental cleaning staff will not have a healthcare background and may not fully understand infection prevention and the Standard Precautions (see here for free digital Standard Precautions Posters).  The Glo Germ System lets your cleaning staff visually see the germs and make the concept of infection spreading more real for them.  They will be able to see the consequences of not cleaning well or not taking the time to finish their job.

Good luck with implementation of Glo Germ in your infection control system.  We love to see success stories when a hospital fights off more infections!  Let us know if you have questions- contact us anytime.  Thanks for reading!

Glo Germ for Training Hospital Employees


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