Glo Germ for Hotel/Motel Cleaning Verification

posted Nov 3, 2013, 3:14 PM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 23, 2016, 2:53 PM ]

Glo Germ use is effective in the verification of the skills and infection control principles of your Hotel/Motel Cleaning Staff

Despite hotel rooms being "cleaned" before a guest occupies it, many people still complain about how dirty they are.  There is a recognizable difference between a clean room and a dingy room.  However, how can you tell the difference before rooms when the germs and bacteria are too small to see?  Glo Germ helps train where to clean because it simulates germs that are illuminated by a UV black light.  In the foreseeable future, you may start to see a sanitized room feature or "extra cleaning" for those that only prefer hygienic rooms.  

What areas are most people concerned about anyway in terms hotel hygiene?

  • - TV Remote Controls from bacteria to germs from those that love the adult movies
  • - Bedspreads
  • - Decorative Pillows
  • - Telephone receivers and touch pads
  • - Light switches
  • - Door knobs
  • - Books and Magazines
  • - Refrigerators
  • - Lotion Bottles (slightly used)
  • - Toilet flushing handle
  • - Much more!

The areas that contain the most germs don't normally show high signs of dirt and grime.  However, In many instances, the TV remote has more bacteria than the toilet seat!  Think about it- most places with a high germ concentration are either: 1) Spots where hands frequent  2) Spots that don't get washed often.

What can you do?

For a hotel cleaning staff member:
  • Take time to clean areas with high hand touching frequency (see list above). Next, follow the suggested Glo Germ program we will explain below.
  • Focus on areas even though there is no visible dirt or grime.

For hotel cleaning supervisors:
  • Implement the Glo Germ verification system to get your staff up to a high level.  See below.
  • Identify areas that are high traffic areas or points where there are likely the most germs.
  • Choose the top 10 areas and make a checklist for staff to hit (because they likely will skip over it if there is no visible dirt, grease or other grime.)
  • If you don't have a process or checklist for all the spots to clean then employees will likely do the minimum
  • Use your cleaning process as a sales point for guests

How do you use Glo Germ?

Follow the following process to use Glo Germ.  There are many ways to use the simulation germs, but this is the best one for hotels and motels.

  1. Have a meeting with your staff to let them know you will be verifying the cleaning of rooms with simulation germs (not visible with the eye)
  2. Spread the Glo Germ powder, gel or Clue Spray on the areas you would like cleaned.
  3. Have the cleaning staff clean the rooms how they see best (or according to your standards)
  4. Go through and check the areas with the UV blacklight
  5. Make a list of all areas that have germs still present
  6. Bring cleaner back into the room and discuss the spots they missed by illuminating the germs again
  7. Discuss how leaving germs can get guests sick, determine if they stay in the hotel/motel again and is the responsible thing to do.
  8. Test often individually or as a group
If you would like other ideas for infection control verification in hotels or other hospitality areas, please contact us.

Thanks for reading!

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