Who Am I? Part 8, Final Section of the Infection Control Game

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Part 8 of 8- Guess the germ, virus or bacteria!
How have you done so far guessing the germs, diseases, etc.?  If you have followed along for each of the previous 7 questions then you should know the last one!  Now that you have all eight of the sections, you can compile them and use them for your students or employees.

The recommended use for this infection control activity is to pair it with a Glo Germ Kit.  For, students will get a fun game and a memorable activity to teach them about hygiene, hand washing and so forth.

Here is a fun idea to use Glo Germ to teach your students that germs are real even though they don't see them.

For this idea, it is best to use the Glo Germ fluorescent powder (rather than the Glo Germ fluorescent gel) because the powder spreads quicker and shows up well under a UV black light.

There are a few methods to distribute the simulation germs (fluorescent powder).  You can either put it on your hands and shake everyone's hand as they come it (showing how far and fast germs on a hand can spread).  You can apply it to one person's hand and see if it still spreads fast.

In addition, you can place the powder on an item (some teachers have an item that needs to be passed around so students know when it is their turn to speak.  i.e. when the student wants to comment in a discussion they must be holding this item).  A great item for this is a knitted hacky sack (The beads inside hold the powder well but then distributes when it is handled), a stuffed animal, or the powder also stays well on hard objects.

Regardless of the method of how you apply Glo Germ, you should next use the UV black light (found in the kit or purchased separately) to show how far the germs had spread.  

Your students will likely be surprised to see the germs on their clothes, face, pencils, pens, papers, desks, hair and many other places.  This can be fun to show that we rarely remember where we put our hands (be careful to to embarrass anyone that was touching private regions).

At the end of the germ discussion, you can apply more Glo Germ to teach hand washing or just have the students wash up.  Use the UV blacklight once more to show how well or poorly they washed the germs off.  

After showing them the results of their hand washing you can then emphasize optimal hand washing principles (20+ seconds, warm water, soap, do not touch sink, turn handles off with towel, use towel to open restroom door, etc.).

If you have questions about your lesson or need ideas then contact us!  Anyway, good luck on this last question!

Who Am I? #8 

Read the characteristics 

About Me: 

I am a fungal disease that occurs most commonly in children that are between 3 to 9 years old. I am known to stick around for a long time. My strain of this fungus affects the head and neck region.

What I do: 

I am spread when the infected area is touched by others or rubs off on an item that is subsequently touched by another.

How to Stop Me: 

The best way to keep me away from you is by maintaining good hygiene practices. Frequently wash your hands and don’t touch your hair or face often or else I may infect you! Also, stay away from sharing ribbons, combs, brushes and other personal accessories. Maintain a clean environment clean, dry and cool (exactly opposite of what I like!) if you want to reduce the likelihood of me infecting. If you have me, make sure to cover up the infected areas so it doesn’t spread everywhere!

Choose the virus, illness, or bug from the list that best fits the description below.

  • -Meningitis
  • -Tuberculosis
  • -Head Lice
  • -Hepatitis A
  • -Impetigo
  • -Varicella (Chicken Pox)
  • -Influenza
  • -Tinea Capitis (Ringworm of the Scalp) 

Answer: Tinea Capitis (Ringworm of the Scalp)

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