Glo Germ Premium Mini Kit Product Review

posted Jan 13, 2014, 2:07 PM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 23, 2016, 2:44 PM ]
We frequently provide infection product reviews so that infection preventionists, instructors, health administrators and others looking to purchase hygiene items know which products are recommended.

With the internet, many traditional ways of ordering health products are obsolete. You may be relying on old catalog systems and providers that are not providing the most up to date products. This leaves your organization in a tricky situation when there are more effective or efficient ways to complete the same infection control processes. Look at some of our other infection control product reviews to help you decide how to best OUTFOX germs (*We provide reviews on products we DO and DO NOT distribute).

Glo Germ Premium Mini Kit

The infection control review in this edition is the Glo Germ Premium Mini Kit.

The Glo Germ Kit includes everything that is needed to conduct a fluorescent training simulation (training recommended by the CDC). Refer below for commentary and instructions on the Premium Mini Kit. The kit includes:
  • Glo Germ Fluorescent Powder- glow powder is great for simulating how germs spread with glove removal, gown removal, coughing, sneezing, airborne precautions, hand washing and so forth. 
  • Glo Germ Fluorescent Gel- glow gel works to simulate hazardous liquids, blood, saliva and other germ mediums. Glow Gel is great for hand washing trainings and environmental cleaning verification (apply to hands, equipment or other items to test).
  • Small UV Black Light Flashlight (LED)- the uv blacklight is great for targeted verification of cleaning or to show how germs spread. The LED black lights last longer than the fluorescent lights of the past. (Batteries included)

Why The Glo Germ Premium Mini Kit?

The Premium Mini Kit is large enough to take care of a large group of students or employees. It is also a great starter kit for an environmental cleaning verification program. There is enough powder and gel to do a number of trainings, but the kit is not big enough or expensive enough to make the purchase a large decision. Under $40.00 is usually an affordable point for teachers, infection preventionists and other looking to purchase Glo Germ.

A benefit of the kit is that you can decide which fluorescent medium serves your organization better. Do you like using Glo Powder or Glo Gel more? Deciding your preference depends on how you plan to use Glo Germ and which medium more effectively shows the germs. There are many different ways to use the powder vs. gel. 

Once you know which medium is best, you can purchase the fluorescent gel or fluorescent powder separately, depending on which is most useful for your purposes.

How to Use Glo Germ

You can make your Glo Germ training as complicated or as simple as you would like. Simply explained:
  • Decide what you would like to detect for cleaning, washing, etc.
  • Apply Glo Germ Powder/Gel to hands, equipment, desks, floors, papers, pens and so forth
  • Show students the germs with the UV black light
  • Have the students wash their hands, equipment, or other area
  • Show the students the germs left over with the UV black light
  • As needed, have students re-clean or move on to other items, etc.

Depending on your organization, you can insert Glo Germ into so many programs to teach better hygiene. (Contact us for ideas for your organization).

Glo Germ is Not a Sanitizer

Glo Germ is not a sanitizer, soap or other cleaning agent. Glo Germ is used to simulate “invisible” germs, which can be illuminated with a UV black light to show that the germs are still there.

Glo Germ is only removed by washing, wiping, scrubbing or other removal process. It is not removed or inactivated with sanitizers. Hence, the trainings must focus around mere germ existence or physical cleaning procedures. Please contact us with questions.

Thank you for reading our review and explanation of Glo Germ. Contact us with questions.
For more ideas go to:  Top Ways to Use Glo Germ

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