Glo Germ Training for Bank Employees and Financial Managers

posted Jan 2, 2014, 9:24 AM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 23, 2016, 2:44 PM ]

Germs on Money

If I stuck a contaminated (disease engrossed) dollar bill in a stack of 25 bills, would you be able to tell me which one it was? The reality is that bacteria, viruses and other "germs" are invisible to the human eye, but they are there.

So, how can you tell what money you are handling is getting you and others sick? Great question, but the better question is how can you protect yourself when dirty money is filtering into your bank doors?  This can help stop tellers from licking their fingers while counting money!

Having a proactive hygiene and infection control policy and training has helped thousands of establishments combat health worries with money. Part of that health initiative has been the Glo Germ System. The simulation germs of glogerm help bank employees SEE the dirtiness of money.

Glo Germ is fluorescent gel or fluorescent powder that can be used to simulate how germs spread. Simply use a UV black light to highlight the fluorescent germs and watch your employees' eyes be amazed.

You can develop a lot of fun games, activities and demonstrations that will help show your employees the way germs travel through money.

Take the initial example we gave. If you had a stack of money and one bill was contaminated- could you tell which one? Well, it wouldn't really matter. The bill would likely not stay individually contaminated because the germs would be spreading to everything it touches. This spreading includes your hands. When germs reach your hands then it is ripe for increased spreading… Where do your hands touch? They touch even more money, people's credit/debit cards, licenses, ID's, pens, pencils, keyboards, a computer mouse, your face, your food and so forth!

Most people in the banking industry wouldn't think that an infection control lesson would be necessary, but money is dirty. It comes from dirty places and retains the germs for a long time.

We talk to tellers that have money come in from strippers, drug dealers, sweaty money, visibly dirty money and so forth!

If you would like help how to implement Glo Germ into your bank branch or if you have questions then please contact us! We look forward to you having happy and healthy employees.

Glo Germ for Banks


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