Glo Germ Training for Restaurants and Other Food Services

posted Oct 22, 2013, 7:52 PM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 23, 2016, 2:52 PM ]
Don't let foodborne illnesses close your doors
Glo Germ Training for Restaurants and Other Food Services

As a previous owner of a pizza franchise, I am very aware of the germ and bacteria issues that are present in restaurants.  Not only should your goal to be to serve germ-free food, it is your responsibility.  There is a lot of liability present when running a food business- you won't last long if you are not constantly protecting yourself and customers from food borne illnesses.

Food safety can be difficult because there are so many variables in keeping food safe.  Hence, in order to effectively guard your clients from foodborne illnesses, you need to have a system in place.

One of the best ways to combat germs in your restaurant is to institute proper hand washing.  The Glo Germ system is a tried and true method for teaching hand hygiene (What is Glo Germ?).  Glo Germ utilizes fluorescent materials as simulation germs.  Staff members cannot see the germs until you illuminate them with a black light.  Some of the possible trainings include:

  • -Pre-food preparation hand washing
  • -Post food handling hand washing
  • -Donning gloves properly
  • -Removing gloves properly (to not flip germs)
  • -Money handling in between food preparation
  • -Cleaning work areas
  • -Hand washing station cleanliness
  • -Proper hand drying technique
  • -Etc.

While you are battling bacteria growth related to heating and cooling temperatures, cook times and so forth, the last thing you want to do is to battle germs introduced by dirty hands.

After we consulted with a food service inspector, he confirmed that having an effective hand washing program is the single best way to stop the intrusion of germs.  Poor hand hygiene brings in external germs from all types of sources.  To read up on the sources of hand germs see this link (Importance of Hand Washing).

Some restaurant managers feel overwhelmed instituting a program business wide, but it can be very simple.  The following is a general 10 step infection control process to implement.

  1. Buy supplies (Glo Germ, infection control posters or posterboard/cardstock to create posters, hand washing signs, necessary hand hygiene items...
  2. Hang hand washing signs and infection control posters
  3. Set up an employee meeting (program kick-off or motivation session)
  4. Train with Glo Germ (Have everyone apply the gel and rub thoroughly on palms and the back of the hands to simulate contamination.  Show the illuminated germs with the black light on each person's hands.  Instruct them to use the hand washing station sink or bathroom sink.  Have them wash their hands how they best see fit.  Have each person should then have their hands checked under the black light once more.  Point out and mark on the test sheet the areas of the hands that they missed washing off the germs.  Have a general discussion that ties in the simulation germs and the germs they will encounter every day while working in a food establishment.
  5. Have each staff member sign a pledge to wash thoroughly to help protect themselves and the customers from germs
  6. Introduce an observation tracking sheet that will be used until the next staff meeting
  7. Set up next the training meeting with staff
  8. Hold the meeting and review results at the staff meeting and retrain certain items if necessary.
  9. Identify other important infection control procedures and topics that are in need in the food establishment
  10. Repeat training meetings for all the items that need to be worked on (glove wearing, money handling, cleaning, etc.)

We are happy to help consult if you are having a difficult time training or developing ways to motivate your employees.  Contact us here.

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