Health Week Lesson Plan Day 1: Hand Washing

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Learn the basics of hand washing
Health week is near! Next week you should have some health lessons to help celebrate National Public Health Week (  Use the Glo Germ System and the attached PDF to teach a great lesson on handwashing.  

Glo Germ Health Week Lesson Plans

Glo Germ Day 1: Health Week

Hand Washing!


Content Objective:

Students will be able to understand the importance of hand washing and be able to discuss the procedures for correct hand washing.  The students will build their “Germ Journal” with each day’s activity


Germ Journal Cover Sheet, Germ Journal “Hand Washing” page, Glo Germ Kit (UV Light (black light), Fluorescent Lotion)


  • Hygiene
  • Virus
  • Illness
  • Flu

Building Background Knowledge:

Ask students the following questions:

  • When should you wash your hands? (after using the restroom, before eating, before touching food, after coughing, etc.)
  • Why is it important to wash your hands? (to keep them clean, to stop the spread of germs)
  • What supplies do you need when you wash your hands? (a sink, warm water, soap, and a towel)



  • Have students put on Fluorescent Gel. Make sure they get it all over their hands!
  • Using the black light, show students the germs that are lurking on their hands.
  • Point out where the germs are and have them draw and color in the germs on the “Pre Hand Washing” section of the hands on the “Hand Washing” worksheet.



  • Ask students what they think about the germs on their hands.
  • Remind them that germs can make them sick and that washing your hands can get rid of those germs.
  • Discuss with them the step-by-step process of hand washing while showing them the actions:
    • First, turn on warm water (not too hot!)
    • Next, add some soap to your hand
    • Then, scrub your hands together for 20 seconds. Make sure you get both sides!

o Finally, rinse off the soap and germs and dry with a clean towel.

·   Teach them the “Hand Washing Song” (Sung to Row, Row, Row your Boat)

o Start with warm water

o Then you add the soap.

o Scrub and scrub and wash and wash

o Rinse hands off and dry them.

·   Demonstrate hand washing. While you’re scrubbing, sing the song through twice to show them how long they need to wash their hands.

“Hands On Experience:”


  • Have each student wash their hands in a sink where you can help them with correct procedures.
  • Make sure students DO NOT TOUCH anything after washing hands in order to keep the germs off!
  • Have each student put their hands under the black light again.
  • Draw and color the germs on the “Post Hand Washing” section.

Wrap Up:


  • Have students look at the before and after hands on their worksheets.
  • Ask students whether they saw a difference and ask if their germs disappeared.
  • Discuss with students the importance of washing hands and why we need to make germs disappear.

Home Connection:


  • Have students take home the “Hand Washing Worksheet” and have a family discussion on washing hands.

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