Health Week Lesson Plan Day 3: Germ Hiding Places

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Learn where germs hide out often
Teach your students where the common places that germs hang out (door handles, restrooms, hospitals, schools, restaurants, etc.) so that they can learn to avoid them for better health. Use this lesson plan and worksheet for National Public Health Week (

Glo Germ Lesson Plans

Glo Germ Day 3: Health Week

Where are germs hiding?



Content Objective:

Students will be able to identify places that germs live and understand how to avoid them.


Pictures of places germs hide (dirty backpacks, unwashed food, playground equipment, etc.), Germ Journal  “Where Are Germs?” page, Posters and other reminders, Glo Germ Kit (Optional)


  • Outbreak
  • Review “Germs”

Building Background Knowledge:

Ask students the following questions:

  • What are Germs?
  • Where do you think germs hide?
  • How do germs get in these places?
  • How do germs make us sick?



  • Quickly show students or hang up the pictures. Ask students what all of them are and what makes them the same or different. Tell them that these are all places germs can hide.
  • Remind students that germs are so tiny you can’t see them. Germs also need to get into your body to make you sick through your mouth or nose, or cuts, like in the Magic School Bus book.
  • Tell students that germs like to live in places that are dirty.
  • Use a Glo Germ Kit to show how germs and microbes spread.



  • Show students the pictures again and ask how they think germs get there. Also ask them how those germs can get into their bodies. (unwashed hands, cuts)
  • Remind students that germs have to get into your body to make you sick, so just touching these things won’t make you sick unless you forget to wash your hands before you eat or wipe your nose or somehow get them in your body.

“Hands On Experience:”


  • Find the “Where are Germs” page in the Germ Journal.
  • Ask students to draw pictures of 3 places where germs can hide in the classroom, in their homes, and outside.

Wrap Up:

  • Ask students what places they thought of where germs can hide.

Home Connection:

  • Ask students to share with their parents what they learned about germs.
  • Take home Germ Journal page.

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