Health Week Lesson Plan Day 4: Germ Spreading

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Learn how germs spread
Use this infection control lesson to teach how germs spread in schools,hospitals and food services. Follow up this lesson with a hand washing activity, hygiene game or other health activity.

Use the worksheet attached to add to your students' germ journals.

The worksheet is a fill-in-the-blank lesson plan that the students can work on to gain better health habits.  It talks about using tissues, washing hands, using soap and water, and where germs can hide to make us sick.

This infection control lesson is a great addition to your plans for National Public Health Week that is held each year on the first full week of April.  See for more information.

Glo Germ Lesson Plans

Glo Germ Day 4: Health Week

How Do Germs Spread?


Content Objective:

Students will be able to understand and explain how germs spread from one place to another.


Shaving Cream, a copy of Miss Bindergarten Stays Home from Kindergarten, Glo Germ  (optional), Germ Journal “Stop Spreading Germs!” page (PDF attached)


·       Antibacterial

Building Background Knowledge:

Ask students the following questions:

·       Where do germs hide?

·       How do you think germs go from one place to another?



·       Read the book Miss Bindergarten Stays Home from Kindergarten and ask students what happened when one student got sick. (All the other kids, the teacher and the student get sick)

·       Ask one student to be your “Sick Student” for the day. Explain to students that when we get sick, our germs can come out when we cough, sneeze, or blow our nose.

·       Squirt some shaving cream (or Glo Germ Gel or powder) onto the hands of the “Sick Student” and show students that the shaving cream represents the germs that get on your hands when you sneeze your sickness germs on your hands instead of a tissue.

·       Ask your “Sick Student” to do a few classroom things like sharpen a pencil, get a drink, or use a crayon. (Make sure you have the student touch things that can easily be wiped off!)

·       Show your students how the germs on his hands got on all of the things the “Sick Student” touched.  Turn the lights off and the black light on if you used the Glo Germ lotion or powder.



·       Ask students to think of all the things they touch in the classroom. Make a list on the board of those things. (pencils, markers, door handles, centers, books, etc.)

·       Ask students how they think they can keep germs from getting on their hands or how to get them off their hands when they forget. (using tissues, hand sanitizer, and washing hands)

“Hands On Experience”:

·       Find the “Stop Spreading Germs” page in the Germ Journal.

·       Finish the story about the germs page together.

Wrap Up:


·       Show students where in the classroom they can find tissues, soap and hand sanitizer. Ask them to help remind everyone to keep germs out of the classroom.

Home Connection:

·       Ask students to share with their parents what they learned about germs.

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