Health Week Lesson Plan Day 5: Germ Infested

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Learn where we need to have the best hygiene
Use this lesson to teach handwashing and other hygiene principles to kindergarten students through 5th grade (K-5). You can adjust the concepts and principles to have it apply to older students, nurses, healthcare workers, restaurant employees and others that work in areas with health issues (germ spreading, bacteria, foodborne illnesses, etc.). 

This lesson is typically conducted in conjunction with other infection control lessons throughout the National Public Health Week.  Contact us if you would like other ways to celebrate health week or to teach about microbes and preventing infection.  

Make sure to download the free worksheets so that your students can have a productive activity to go along with the health lesson.

We hope that health week goes well for you and that your students or employees learn better health habits!

Glo Germ Health Week

Glo Germ Day 5

Where Are Germs at Home and on My Body?


Content Objective:

Students will be able to recognize places where germs may hide at home and be able to teach their families the importance of hand-washing.


Germ Journal “Germs At Home Too?” page (PDF attached), Pictures of home places (sinks, counter tops, toilets, etc.), Glo Germ Kit (fluorescent lotion and UV black light)


·       Sanitation

Building Background Knowledge:

Ask students the following questions:

  • We’ve learned a lot about germs in school, but where are places that germs can hide at your home?
  • Where else can germs hide on your body?



  • Have students review places that germs can hide in the classroom. Write a list on the chalkboard or whiteboard.
  • Remind students that germs like to hide in places that are dirty and that people touch a lot.
  • Show students pictures of places around the home. Ask them why germs could be hiding there. (they are dirty and get touched a lot)
  • Use the Glo Germ system to teach hand washing.  The fluorescent lotion is applied, checked with the black light, the student washes their hands, and the hands are again checked with the UV blacklight.



  • Remind students that there are other places on their bodies that germs can hide.  Germs called “plaque” can live in your teeth and make holes in your teeth. Germs called “lice” can live in your hair. Different germs can live in all different parts of their bodies.
  • Explain to students that they need to keep all parts of their body clean. They don’t need to wash their bodies as much as they wash their hands, but they need to keep all parts of their bodies clean.
  • Ask students when they need to wash their hands. (after using the restroom, after coughing or sneezing, before eating, etc.)
  • Ask students when they need to brush their teeth. (2 times a day or after eating)
  • Ask students when they need to wash their bodies. (every day or after they go somewhere with lots of germs.)

“Hands On Experience”:


  • Finish the last 2 pages together with your class comparing and contrasting where germs are at home and school. The center section should have listed things such as doorknobs, sinks, bathrooms and so forth. Germs at School should have things that students touch at school like pencils, drinking fountains, etc. Germs at Home should have things like TV remotes, utensils, etc.

Wrap Up:

  • Remind students that germs are everywhere and they need to be in charge of getting germs off of them!

Home Connection:

  • Ask students to share with their parents what they learned about germs.




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