Health and Adoption 5k (Oakley, UT) Sponsored by OUTFOX Prevention

posted Jul 5, 2011, 8:04 AM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 24, 2016, 8:31 AM ]

More than a few hundred people showed up early on the July 4th in Oakley to support health and adoption by running the 5k, donating funds, and learning about health.  The event was also partnered as a fundraising opportunity for the local South Summit High Dance Team (The Fauvines). 


Oakley is a city that sits about an hour out of Salt Lake City and just east of Park City.  Every year, Oakley organizes a great Independence Celebration with four nights of rodeo and fireworks, Independence Day parade, 5k race, little buckaroo rodeo, Freedom Concert, barbeques and breakfasts, canon shots early in the morning and much more!


There were some really good times registered by the top male and female finishers.  It was great to see some participants push themselves and achieve great finishes.  It was also great to see many first time racers finish strong.  The mood was strong after the race as family and friends gathered and socialized about future races and future efforts to increase health levels.


OUTFOX Prevention staff members were on site to talk about better ways for health, give away hand sanitizers and serve fruit.  By maintaining health levels of hygiene and infection control, racers can realize better health and improve performance!


In all, everyone had a great time and couldn’t wait to race in the Oakley 5k next year.  In the meantime, they need to continually learn how to OUTFOX illness and disease!


The race was organized by Utah Running Company.  For times and more information about the race, please see