How to Conduct an Infection Control Lesson

posted May 4, 2015, 10:47 AM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 23, 2016, 2:14 PM ]
For healthcare organizations, educational institutions (schools, colleges, etc.), food service businesses, dental offices and many more!

Your lesson must be engaging and have an effective follow through schedule or else it will not be beneficial. Students will continue to spread illnesses to other students, miss school and also get you sick unless you stop the cycle. We have set up a system that will walk you and the students through a simple training for a healthier future. 


Before you can teach you must prepare. You should research topics and use best practices that you can add as a testimony to the class. In essence, you should be a believer and be an example to the students to effectively relay the hygiene principles. 

The OUTFOX hygiene blog gives pointers and provides a helpful checklist that will help you organize the lesson you will undertake. Having proper organization will set the students up for success and create an environment that promotes healthy habits. 

Audience Evaluation 

Part of the preparation process is knowing your audience. It is assumed that you have been teaching your class or have been introduced to your class before the school year. You should have a general idea of the personality differences, gender percentages, socioeconomic statuses, and other factors that affect the way you teach. 

Just as you tailor the lessons for general education topics, you must tailor the way you teach hygiene and infection control. OUTFOX provides tools that help you ask questions to develop effective lesson plans. Analyze which lesson elements should be emphasized (i.e. more games, more activities, more tests, etc.) for an effective training. 


After preparing for and analyzing the class you must set a time frame for the training. The lesson timing is at the discretion of the teacher, but there is a recommended time of the year for most programs (i.e. Health Week, beginning of the year, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.). OUTFOX has recommended products to supplement lessons which include the Glo Germ Kit (simulation germ powder, lotion, DVD, and black light), posters, signs, board games, supportive products (T-Shirts, magnets, mugs, etc.), prizes (pencils, stickers, hygiene related candy, etc.). 

Make the lesson fun and memorable. The bigger the event, the more likely the principles will be embossed in the minds of the students. Part of making the lesson memorable includes getting the students’ parents or guardians involved so the hygiene principles are practiced at home as needed. 

Follow Up Action 

The preparation and lesson will be ineffective unless you follow up by instituting concrete hygiene principles and habit building. You must live up to the principles you are teaching the students. 

It is recommended to build a schedule for the students so they can practice hygiene principles every day. Use one of the many lesson plans provided that deal with schedules and establishing habits. For example, have the students wash their hands as they come into class, before and after recess, before and after lunch, and when the class engages in hands-on activities. Maintaining a schedule will guarantee that you will see a difference in the amount illnesses contracted in your class.  

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