Hygiene and Infection Control Games Part 6

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Classic games can be a fun way to include an activity in your hygiene or infection control lesson
Need more ideas for your hand hygiene lesson or infection control program?  Look no further because we have been posting all the games, activities, and worksheets from OUTFOX's infection control manual.  

The following set of games are games that have been played in schools for generations.  By using a familiar game format, you are allowing the students to focus on the germ aspects rather than the other game details.

Most students learn better when there is information given, visuals to support the information and then an activity is added to the lesson.  Don't have your handwashing lesson come up short by not having a game included.  We hope you can use some of the game ideas we are posting!

Germicide (Heads Up, Seven Up)

Potential Supplies: No supplies necessary (can use Glo Germ System). However, prizes are recommended to increase game interaction. 
This game is played similar to Heads Up, Seven Up except with a “germ” theme. Seven players are chosen to act as “viruses” or “bacteria” for the game. The seven players “infect” another classmate. All students (except the seven chosen) put their heads down and one thumb up. The seven viruses then go around and “infect” another student by touching their raised thumb. The viruses return to the front of the room once they have infected one other student. The students with their heads down are then asked to raise their heads. When “Germicide” is called out, the seven “newly” infected students stand and take a turn guessing who infected them.

If the infected student guesses correctly, he/she replaces the student who touched them. If the infected student guesses incorrectly, he/she remains in his/her seat. Note: The Glo Germ System can be used with this activity to show the spread of simulated germs. Secretly apply fluorescent lotion or powder the hands of the original seven players. After a few rounds, explain the experiment. Turn the lights out and use the black light to see how far the germs travelled! 

Germs HIDE and Soap SEEKS (Hide and Seek)

Potential Supplies: No supplies necessary (can use the Glo Germ Kit). However, prizes are recommended to increase game interaction. 

This game is played similar to Hide and Seek except it has a “germ” theme. One person is called on to be the first counter. He/she is the soap. The rest of the players are the germs. The germs are to go and hide as the soap counts to a predetermined number. “Ready or not, here the soap comes!” should be called out once the soap finishes counting. As the germs are searched out and found by the soap, they are eliminated from the game and must return to the base. The last germ found wins and then becomes the new soap! 

Fun Facts from NIH (www.newsinhealth.nih.gov): 

Our skin is home to a much wider array of bacteria than previously thought.
The body area with the widest array of bacteria was the forearm, which had about 44 different species.

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