Hygiene Product Review: Nasal Screens Filtering Airborne Pathogens and Other Particles

posted Feb 22, 2012, 9:34 AM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 24, 2016, 8:08 AM ]

Product: Nasal Screens

Producing Company: First Defense Nasal Screens International

Description of Product:
First Defense Nasal Screens™ are not designed to replace the dust mask or respirator. Rather, it's intended for those who can't, or won't wear a hot, uncomfortable face mask to filter breathable air.” (Sourced from the website
www.filteryourlife.com). Nasal screens are used when you do not want to of cannot wear a mask for multiple tasks including working in health organizations, helping in disaster sites, completing infection control tasks, environmental cleaning, working with kids, being in a highly concentrated public place, doing yard work, etc.. The nasal blocks are filters that are placed at the base of your nostrils blocking allergens, germs and other particles from entering your body. They can be used daily.

Grade: B+ Great product but could use some improvements (see positive and negative below).

Positive: Unnoticeable most of the time when worn. The results of breathing the filtered air are positive and have shown to reduce the number of airborne pathogens. They are relatively inexpensive which incentivizes individuals to use daily. The package is durable and can be carried in the pocket for emergency situations. They do not take up much space which makes them ideal for 72 hour kits and first aid kits.

Negative: When noticed, they do cause stares especially when the skin colors do not match well. It is a new enough product that people do not readily think of using them despite the great benefits (they may sit in the bottom of kits because someone is looking for a “mask”). Many people tend to breathe through their mouths when they feel something blocking their nasal passages. Breathing through the mouth negates the filter benefit. Sweat, movement and other activities can reduce the effectiveness of the placement of the nasal screens.

Problem: Throughout America, a growing percentage of the population is affected by allergens or is becoming more concerned about airborne pathogens. Each year, millions fall ill or die from bacteria, viruses and other germs spread through the air. However, it is still taboo to wear facial masks in public to block harmful particles from entering our bodies.

Solution: There are a number of solutions that can be tried to reduce airborne pathogens and their effects. Avoid public places, live in accordance with optimum health guidelines and wear a mask are among some of the options to avoid catching an airborne pathogen. Avoiding public places can nearly be impossible as can doing all possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We all falter to bad habits or whims of unhealthy indiscretion.

Masks help block pathogens, but only countries other than the United States are more apt to wear masks.
Americans as a whole have avoided wearing masks for several reasons (except for certain professions, in certain emergency situations or unless required to do so). No-Mask individuals have cited that they don't want to start an alarm that occurs when people see others wearing hygiene masks. People often assume the worst and get feelings that there may be a serious outbreak or something similar when a person in a mask is seen. Also, it seems that there is a fashion stigma against masks. Some companies have attempted to make masks more fashionable. For example, Sling Couture has created a complete line of fashion-fabric masks. An acquaintance and participant on the show Shark Tank, Irina Blok, also attempted to make masks more mainstream.

To date, Nasal Screens seem to be the best solution for reducing the intake of germs, allergens, pathogens and other harmful particles and not cause a stir in your daily routines. According to reports, First Defense has already contracted with the US Military to provide solutions for soldiers. Don’t be surprised to start seeing more and more people with skin colored filters under their noses in the near future!

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