Infection Control Activities Part 3 for Glo Germ

posted Mar 12, 2014, 8:09 AM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 23, 2016, 2:25 PM ]
A new take on old games... Infection Control can be fun
Here are the latest classic games that we have converted into infection control games that you can pair with a Glo Germ lesson.  Having a fun activity can make a huge difference whether your students or employees remember he hygiene principles you taught.  

In reality, you can take any fun game that your students or employees like and make it about infection control.

Germ Square (Four Square)

Potential Supplies: A pre-painted four square area is best, but a four square area can be created with masking tape. A rubber bouncing ball works best. It is recommended to have prizes for the player that stays in the lead (number the squares) square. 

Germ Square is played exactly like four square other than it has a “germ” theme. The squares are numbered in order from 1 to 4. The leading square is square #1 and is in charge of serving the germ ball. Each player tries to get the germ ball into other players’ squares without that player being able to return it. The germ ball can only bounce once in a square. Losing players become “infected” and must rotate to the end of the line. Vacated squares are filled with the player from the next highest square.

Germ Destroyer (Small Game or Group Battleship)

Potential Supplies: (2) White or blackboards that can be isolated (either back to back or sectioned off so each team cannot see the other team’s board), markers or chalk, yard ruler, constructive supplies (i.e. construction paper, markers, crayons, tape, scissors, etc.) to make germs to put on the grid, prizes, etc. 

This game can be played in groups of two with the designated Battleship Game or in a large group with grids on a black or whiteboard and printed game pieces. Instead of battleships, the teams are trying to kill germs. Each team attempts to kill the other team’s hidden bacteria by calling out grid letter and numbers. The battleship/bacteria pieces can be named after different kinds of viruses or illnesses. The team to kill all of the bacteria, illnesses, viruses, etc. first- wins! 

Make sure to follow this fun lesson with a germ demonstration with a Glo Germ Kit!  

Germ Drop (Bean Bag Toss)

Potential Supplies: Multiple bean bags for each of the different boards (have homeroom helpers, PTA members or arts and craft proficient employees create germ bean bags if resources are available), commercial or homemade board(s) with holes, point system for each hole, score card for each student or employee, prizes, etc. 

You can use prefabricated bean bag boards and modify the holes and graphics with your pictures/illustrations of germs. Or, you can create your own holed or non-holed bean bag boards. With holed boards, the object for the students is to get the bean bag into or as close as possible to the hole. The students get 2 points for killing the germs for getting the bean bag in the hole and 1 point for getting a bean bag touching the hole area (modify the point amounts as you see fit). 

Non-holed bean bag boards can be scored in a similar manner except the points will be awarded when the bean bag lies on or touches the germ pictures/illustrations (rather than in the holes). The player with the most points (most germs killed) after the round(s) wins!
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