Infection Control and Hygiene Games Part 4

posted Mar 14, 2014, 8:17 AM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 23, 2016, 2:25 PM ]
Normal games with an infection control twist
Here are another three games that we have modified into an infection control centered game.  Why play silly games that have a hygiene twist?  Simply, students learn better when there are multiple ways that concepts are taught.  

Meaning, don't just lecture- play a game, have an activity, show a movie, draw pictures, have a contest and so forth.  This is a great way to incorporate a Glo Germ lesson into your teaching.  

Have you ever tried Glo Germ?  It is a fascinating lesson that teaches students the presence of germs even though they can't see them with their eyes.  It is a germ simulation that uses fluorescent materials and a black light.  Anyway, here are the next set of games!

Germ Spreader Game (Tag)

Potential Supplies: No supplies necessary (can use the germBLING™ System). However, prizes are recommended to increase game interaction. 

The Germ Spreader game is played similar to Tag except it has a “germ” theme. Only one player at a time is “infected” and able to tag others. Choose one student to start out as the Germ Spreader. Once he/she tags another player, that player becomes infected and is the Germ Spreader. Don’t get infected! 

Note: The germBLING™ System can also be used to simulate the spreading of germs. Use the black light to see how far the glowing germs travel. 

Potential Supplies: Large field or playing area (that can have established boundaries and some hiding places), long rope (enough to stretch through the middle to mark the area divisions) or cones for area markers, (2) flags (can be anything small that can be carried by the players), prizes, etc. 

Germ Wars (Steal the Flag)

Split the players into two teams. The two teams are “infected” by an outbreak and need to get an antidote held by the opposite team. Each team gets a flag that represents the antidote for the outbreak. Each team needs to hide the flag “antidote” and protect it from being stolen by the opposite team. The game requires the two sides to be separated by a middle line and borders should be established. 

Once the antidote is hidden, the players are instructed to “go!” If a player is found and tagged on the opposing side, that player must go to the opposing team’s hospital (“jail” in the regular game). Players can be released from jail by being tagged by one of their free teammates (Free return to their side is the usual custom). The object is to get the other team’s antidote onto your side without being tagged. The team to get the opposing team’s antidote first wins!

Antibody Battle (Field/Gym Hockey or Soccer Based Game)

Potential Supplies: Hockey sticks or broom for each player, ball or street puck, goals (commercially made, cardboard box, or other item that can be used as a goal), prizes, etc. 

Split the students into two teams. Each player should have a hockey stick, broom or other object to move the ball around on the field/gym. The students playing represent healthy antibody cells trying to rid bacteria from the body (get it into the opposing team’s net). The team that puts the bacteria (ball, puck, or other object representing a germ) in the opposite team’s net wins! Soccer balls and goals can be used if hockey equipment is not available.
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