Infection Control Games Part 2 with Glo Germ

posted Mar 11, 2014, 7:58 AM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 23, 2016, 2:24 PM ]
Reliving your favorite games with Infection Control colored lenses
Here are a few more infection control games that can be combined with Glo Germ.  Teach the simulation germ lesson then play a game to reinforce germ and hygiene principles!  

If you would like help then please contact us.  Hope you have fun!

Clean Police (Red Light/Green Light)

Potential Supplies: “Stop and Go Clean Police” Sheet in the back of the game section (has printable and colorable images). However, prizes are recommended to increase game interaction.

One student is selected to be the Clean Police. All other students will be “Bacteria” that are trying to get to the Clean Police first. Line up the Bacteria about 15-20 feet away from the chosen Clean Police. The Clean Police faces away from the group. The Clean Police is to call out “Red Light” or “Green Light” to get the Bacteria eliminated. “Red Light” is stop. “Green Light” is go.

The Clean Police should turn around after calling out “Red Light” and tries to catch the Bacteria still moving. The moving Bacteria are called out and must leave the game. The game is played until a Bacterium “infects” the Clean Police by touching him/her OR the Clean Police is able to eliminate all Bacteria (by calling out “Red Light”). A suggestion to this game is to rename “Red Light” and “Green Light” to “Clean Hands” and “Dirty Hands.”

Doctor Says (Simon Says)

Potential Supplies: No supplies necessary. However, prizes are recommended to increase game interaction.

One student is picked to be the “Doctor.” The Doctor calls out actions for his/her patients (the rest of the class) to do or don’t do. The patients are to do everything that is preceded by “Doctor says…” And the patients are not do anything when an action is NOT preceded by “Doctor says…” Possible actions include hand washing (rubbing hands together), showering, covering coughs, covering sneezes, and just normal actions done while playing "Simon Says."

Those patients caught disobeying the doctor (no action or over action) are “infected” and must leave the game. The last patient to survive the outbreak by listening to the doctor’s orders wins! He/She becomes the next doctor.

Germ Ball (Dr. Red Ball)

Potential Supplies: Multiple plush balls that can be thrown between the two teams (light rubber balls 6 inch in diameter work best), arm bands to mark which player is the doctor, prizes.

The class is split into two teams. One doctor is chosen for each team. The game is played similar to normal dodgeball, other than the doctor has the ability to “heal” those players that have been hit on his/her team. Instead of running to the team’s box after being hit as in regular dodgeball, players sit or lie down at the spot at which they were hit. The doctor’s touch immediately heals and allows the downed player to resume participation in the game. Once the doctor is hit, no more players on that team can be healed. The winning team has the last player(s) standing. Repeat and choose different doctors each round.
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