Infection Control Posters for Health Week

posted Mar 29, 2012, 10:33 PM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 24, 2016, 7:59 AM ]
Free Hygiene Poster Download is available for a limited time only

Did you procrastinate for National Public Health Week?  Or do you need a poster to make your health activities more effective?  Please see the attached Poster PDFs that are free for you to print and post in your school, health facility, food service or other type organization.  We are releasing these PDFs for a limited time to help get the health message out!  Download them ASAP.


-11x17 Have You Washed? Poster        

This poster is great for hand hygiene campaigns, in bathrooms, hand sanitation stations and other areas.  The digital poster size is 11x17 which requires you to have the capability to print that size (doing so at an office supply store also works) or scale it to the paper size that your organization uses.  Employees and students will understand the hand hygiene concept as they study the germs on the hand and read the message, “Have You Washed?”  If you would like to purchase these posters rather than download, please see this link: Have You Washed? Or Contact Us Here.


-8.5x11 Do You OUTFOX Infection? Poster         

Ask your students or employees if they outfox infection to avoid illness and disease.  Starting this discussion will help them think of better health.  Add this poster to an existing infection control campaign or hang it to elicit a response.  The OUTFOX Symbol is quickly becoming a symbol for improved infection control compliance.  The FOX increases curiosity, awareness and action towards better hygiene habits.  To purchase printed copies of this poster, please see this link: Do You OUTFOX Infection? Or Contact Us Here.


Don’t be ashamed that you forgot about health week or didn’t prepare as much as you should have.  It happens to all of us, but what are you going to do about it?  You don’t have to plan anything intense or expensive.  In fact, we have compiled 50 ways you can observe National Public Health Week (NPHW).  See the following link: 50 Ways to Celebrate Health Week  Let us know if you need additional ideas or help (


Happy Health Week!  Good luck teaching higher standards for increased health in your organization.

OUTFOX information is copyrighted but can be used if a link and reference to is used.  Thanks for helping OUTFOX infection so we can all avoid illness and disease more often!

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