Infection Control Survey Question 7 Results by OUTFOX Prevention: What Continuing Education Methods are Most Popular?

posted Dec 1, 2011, 10:59 AM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 24, 2016, 8:16 AM ]

This article is referencing question seven out of eight of the Infection Control Survey.  Please refer to the Survey for all eight questions.  Also, if you have not participated in the survey but would like to then complete it here (Enter>> Infection Control Survey).

As our followers, you may have noticed that the six previous questions in the survey focused on Infection Preventionist terminology, hygiene product reviews and health services in regards to the infection control industry.  So, what benefit does question seven serve?  Specifically, how do you best like continuing education? The results of the survey were:

7.  How do you best like continuing education?  Check all that apply.


                                    15.4%  Online Courses

                                    14.8%  Webinars

                                    8.7%  Online Newsletters

                                    8.7%  Guest Speakers

                                    7.4%  Physical Classes

                                    6.7%  Tradeshow Seminars

                                    6.7%  Expositions (Booths and Exhibitors)

                                    6.0%  Association Publications

                                    5.4%  List Servs

                                    4.7%  Textbooks

                                    4.0%  Small Manuals

                                    4.0%  Training DVDs/CDs

                                    3.4%  Podcasts

                                    2.0%  News Stories

                                    1.3%  Blogs

                                    1.0%  Other  Chapter APIC Meetings

                                    0.0%  Radio Broadcasts

Initially, we decided to add question seven to the survey solely for our benefit in order to know how to reach professionals within the infection control industry better.  However, we realized that sharing the results of this question would benefit Infection Preventionists as well.  In general, here are some positive effects of knowing the results include:

                -Infection Preventionists can see the trending educational mediums are online and digital
                                 -Set up more webinars for your courses, they are abundant and inexpensive.
                                 -Join newsletter lists and distribute them to your associates (newsletters are short and                                                                effective). Be selective and reject sales pitch newsletters though.
                -Results show that health lesson development will shift more to digital (so jump on the                                                                bandwagon now instead of later)
                -Digital or online courses are flexible and do not require multiple departments to vacate for a                                    class.  This saves stress, hassle and lost productivity.
                -Facilitating newer ways for continuing education will help newer generation Infection Control                                 Professionals learn and progress within their career.
                -Guest speakers are still showing a strong popularity (it depends on the topic and presenter of                                                 course) among infection control professionals.
                -Community and networking groups are still an important factor in the continuing education of                                                 health professionals
                                -Tradeshows are still good sources of continuing education
                                -Association meetings and publications are good sources of information

Granted, there may be some bias in the results in regards to them showing a trend for online mediums.  For, popular perceptions towards the online mediums may be due to the fact that the survey was conducted and advertised solely online.  Regardless of the potential for a bias, it is obvious that everything we do (in healthcare or in our personal lives) is becoming more digital and existing online.

What are your favorite online tools or companies you work with already for continuing education?  Share with us and we'll send you a
FREE digital infection control poster (hygiene promotional poster or standard precautions poster [Standard Precaution Poster, Airborne Precaution Poster, Droplet Precaution Poster, Contact Precaution, Respiratory Hygiene Poster, Infection Control Signs and much more!]).

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