Infection Control Survey Review by OUTFOX Prevention

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The OUTFOX Infection Control Survey was created to help Infection Control Professionals/ Preventionists know the thoughts and opinions of their fellow colleagues.  It exposes opinions about certain hygiene technologies and the infection control profession in general.   It also helps identify where most of the infection control professionals are seeking for continuing education and hygiene product information.


Access the Survey here to give your opinion.


These questions and answers are important (see the survey summary below for the specific questions asked and corresponding explanations).  Why?  It has been apparent that there is an ever-increasing likelihood of an outbreak or pandemic. 
Many of these fears are real and could be realized if we (as a medical and general population) are not prepared.  Getting to know more and better technologies will help prevent the spread of illness and disease.  Also, banding together and finding a common purpose to OUTFOX infection will help serve hospitals, clinics, medical professionals and the normal everyday person more effectively.


The health and infection control survey has just been released, so tune in to a later post once the results are compiled and some interesting conclusions have been reached.


1.Is the correct term Infection Preventionist (IP) or Infection Control Professional/Practitioner (ICP)?

Infection Preventionist

Infection Control Professional/Practitioner


Why is this question important?  It is important that Infection Control Professionals get on the same page.  There have been too many differing opinions that have created rifts in the infection control industry. 
More leaders and influencers need to step up and work together to reduce the amount of illness and disease.  OUTFOX Prevention seeks to be a leader and get everyone OUTFOXing infection.  Having a common goal and common terminology will help unite against germs and superbugs.


2.What are your thoughts about automatic hand washing tracking systems (tracks hand washing and sanitizing through a tag or RFID card system?  Check all that apply.

They have increased hand hygiene compliance in my organization

They have NOT increased hand hygiene compliance in my organization (nor decreased)

They have decreased hand hygiene compliance in my organization

They are “big brother” like and make employees uneasy

They are effective for all employees (regardless of number of years the employee has been in a health field)

They work better with the younger health professional

They work better with the experienced health professional

I prefer low tech hand washing training and campaigns

Hand washing and sanitizing is taught in better ways than automatic tracking systems

Our organization doesn’t use such a system, but I believe they will increase compliance

Our organization doesn’t use such a system, but I believe compliance will stay the same

Our organization doesn’t use such a system, but I believe compliance will reduce compliance



Automatic hand washing systems are a huge trend at this point in time.  We want to know and share with you whether they match up with the hype.  Do they really work?  Is the cost a reasonable tradeoff for the benefit?  We are looking to get a lot of feedback to determine if hand hygiene compliance is better served with automatic hand washing testing or with hand washing campaigns.


3.What is the average infection control compliance rate (estimated) for new employees starting in your organization?







Question #3 helps you gauge the level of hygiene knowledge of a new employee in the health care industry.  Where do your new employees start in regards to hand hygiene knowledge and other infection control compliance? Knowing how long and how well to train an employee on basic hygiene principles is an important measure. 
Depending on the level and complexity of the job, hand washing and hygiene training may vary.  The OUTFOX system attempts to get everyone on the same page from the very beginning.  OUTFOX infection control terminology can start an employee on the right way to reducing Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs).


4.Do you believe UV to be an effective method for environmental, air and water sanitation?

I don't really believe it works that well

I think it is effective but don't know exactly

I know it is effective and trust research experts



How much do you know about UV technology in regards to infection control?  After attending APIC and speaking with UV hygiene companies, we wanted to see the general opinions of infection control professionals. 
We wanted to share answers with the infection control industry so we can gauge how often the UV technology should or should not be used to OUTFOX illness and disease in your medical facility.  We want to expose the positive and negative opinions of your colleagues in regards to Ultraviolet technology and killing germs.


5.Do you believe that copper is an element for controlling microorganisms?

I don't really believe it works that well

I think it is effective but don't know exactly

I know it is effective and trust research experts



As evidenced in multiple conversations with infection control preventionists, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding copper and its effectiveness in infection control.  Copper is a material that is gaining popularity because of its antimicrobial properties, but is it right for your medical organization now? 
In addition to the mystery surrounding its hygiene properties, is it cost effective for your organization per the amount of Hospital Acquired Infections that it prevents?


6.What are your thoughts on an “airport security” like checkpoint for visitors dealing with hygiene (don gloves, masks, booties, and other materials necessary depending on sensors and the condition of the patient)?  Check all that apply.

Effectiveness will depend on the time it takes for visitors to go through

Effectiveness will depend on costs

I think it would cut down on HAIs

I don't think it will make a difference

Cost will outweigh benefit potentially

Too much effort for too little of benefit

It would work if cost could be passed on in hospital fees

Too difficult to maintain



Question #6 is a gauge on the future of infection control for visitors according to industry professionals.  Not only are hospital and clinical employees having to watch out for infection, visitors should share the responsibility too in order to OUTFOX illness and disease. 
How can this be best accomplished?  An airport like security entrance may be an answer, but what do the infection control professionals think?  We would like to identify more infection control technologies for visitors and solicit opinions in subsequent health surveys.  Stay tuned.


7.How do you best like continuing education?  Check all that apply.

Online Courses

Online Newsletters

List Servs


Small Manuals

Physical Classes

Tradeshow Seminars

Expositions (Booths and Exhibitors)

Association Publications


News Stories


Radio Broadcasts


Training DVDs/CDs

Guest Speakers



Finding out how to best appeal to the current generation of infection control preventionists will help increase the effectiveness of the information shared.  Communicating important information effectively will help reduce the amount of hospital acquired illnesses and educate the future generations entering infection control. 


8.What are the most underserved areas of infection control in your organization?  Check up to 3.

Training for new professionals

Refresher courses

Support during an emergency

New Materials

Innovative Products

Innovative Services

Tracking and Measurement

New Methods/Processes






Continuing education companies and programs aimed at teaching infection control professionals need to constantly evaluate the landscape to make sure that proper topics are being served.  We wanted to hear directly from the infection control industry sources to know where our focus can be directed to help support prevention efforts.  By working together, we can all OUTFOX infection and reduce illnesses and diseases!

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