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Are you confident that your workplace is as healthy as it could be? Most people don't necessarily think about their work environment as healthy or non-healthy unless they see something as noticeable as standing water or foul smells. The truth is, however, is that there are many hidden dangers of a dirty office including those that could affect your production and the way your staff works. By learning more about these things and ensuring that you are taking appropriate steps to keep your workplace clean, you can stay healthy at work both now and into the future. 

Clean Air in the Office Leads to Healthy and Happy Employees

You probably know, when you aren't feeling your best, work is more difficult than it needs to be. Your employees feel this too, and one sick employee can bring the entire office down. According to a study by San Diego State University, up to 500 different types of bacteria, and even more in some cases, were found in offices they examined. Though many of these bacteria are helpful and good, some are not, and those are the bacteria you need to worry about for the well-being of yourself and your staff. These bacteria are found on surfaces as well as in the air that is shared with your colleagues. Because of this, it is very important that you are limiting the number of harmful bacteria in the office as much as possible, and one way that you can do this is with commercial cleaning.

Regular Cleaning Can Reduce Problems in the Workplace

Since workplace health is so important, as it is directly related to production, it's vital that efforts are made to ensure workplace health. The best way, to do this, is to hire a commercial cleaning company which can put a professional focus on your workplace health. Why is this important? It is important because it will affect your employees' physical and mental health. Physically, you will be able to eliminate bacteria by working with a cleaning service, but there is much more to it, as well.

A dirty workplace can also negatively affect the mental health of your employees. For instance, working in a clean environment can take a lot of pressure off of your employees and employees with less clutter and mess on their desks have less stress than their colleagues. In other words, the state of the workplace can be a reflection of the mental state of your employees. Employees have been shown to be happier and more relaxed when their offices are regularly cleaned, and a happy and relaxed employee is a productive one.

Possible Risks of Working in a Dirty Work Environment

Though you know that getting sick is a possibility when working in a dirty work environment, there is also the possibility that your employees will get injured. Debris on the floor can be a fall hazard and could certainly be dangerous to your employees. A cleaning company will take care of this each and every day. They will also be able to take care of things like ensuring paper towels and soap is available and will reduce potential hazards to employees. For instance, someone in the cleaning profession will recognise things like rugs that could cause tripping, boxes that could topple over and even be on the lookout for things like fire hazards. Just as your employees are experts at their work, these employees are experts at theirs.

It Is Imperative That Cleanliness Standards are High

Most of us spend between eight and ten hours a day in the workplace. When looking at all of our waking hours, that is pretty significant as people are spending more time at work than they are at home. Because of this, it is vital that there is a clean environment provided. If you are exposed to hazards such as a dirty bathroom, airborne pathogens and cluttered surroundings for eight to ten hours a day, that is certainly going to affect you negatively. However, when you choose to hire a top notch commercial cleaning company, these things will no longer be a worry.

Benefits of a Clean Work Environment

There are a number of benefits to having a clean work environment available. From having a constantly clean lobby that can impress perspective clients to keeping yourself organised and more productive by having a clean desk surface, there are a number of amazing benefits to having a clean and healthy office. The health benefits of working in a clean workplace are significant to your business and your employees.

When an office is in a clean and orderly state, the safety, reputation and production of your company as a whole are all going to improve significantly. Encouraging your employees to keep their own areas clean as well as hiring a commercial cleaning service will help to achieve this. When you work together with a professional cleaning company and your own staff, your workplace will be safer, more productive and have a better reputation than it has ever had before.

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This article is written by author Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Total Concept Cleaning, Perth’s commercial cleaning services.

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