More Infection Control Games for Your Class Part 9

posted Mar 21, 2014, 8:00 AM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 23, 2016, 2:27 PM ]
Search for germs or do musical viruses... both fun classic games!

Germ Scavenger Hunt 

Potential Supplies: “Scavenger Hunt Cards” 7-10 sheets of paper (colored or uncolored), markers, prizes for each group member. 

Tell the group that they will be on a hunt to find all of the germs in the room or building (or whatever area you have designated). Come up with a riddle for each area that germs often hang out. For example, hide clues in a bathroom, around a sink, on a well used doorknob, near a garbage can, near food preparation areas, locker rooms, and other places that germs hide out. Begin with a clue to the first place which then leads to the second clue, and so forth. The last area should have prizes and should be located in an area or near items that are known to kill germs (soap, wash areas, etc.). Take time each area where there is a clue to teach a lesson about how that area contains millions of germs and how to avoid catching germs and getting sick. 

Musical Viruses Hygiene Game

Potential Supplies: Construction paper, markers, stereo, scissors, etc. 

Have the group members cut out and briefly design a germ with their allotted construction paper. Have the germs placed on the ground in a circle. Have each student stand on their germ to begin. Take one away and start the music. The game is played out like musical chairs with everyone rotating around the circle. When the music stops, the players must find a germ to stand on (any germ- they do not need to return to their germ). The winner is the last player to stomp out the last germ. 

A variation of this game could consist of making different types of germs to stand on. One for boys and one for girls. The cards are again laid out in a circle. When you remove cards for each level, you must remove two- one from the girls and one from the boys. As the music ends, the boys must find their germ and the girls must find their germ as well. Those that found their germ continue to play on. Play as many rounds as needed until there is one remaining boy and one remaining girl. The remaining boy and remaining girl are the winners.

Flu Toss Infection Control Game

Potential Supplies: Water balloons, towels, volleyball net, markers, Glo Germ Kit, etc. 

This game can include all group members, but generally is played in fours or in pairs. Water balloons can be launched over a volleyball net or can be thrown without one. Dress up the water balloons with markers to look like germs. While playing in fours, two players take a towel (one corner in each hand forming a pouch) and prepare to catch the incoming water balloon! Another team takes a towel and launches the first balloon. Once the balloon is caught, the team then launches it back. The team that drops, misses, or breaks the balloon sits out. The game is played until one team remains. They survived the Flu Outbreak! When playing in pairs, the balloon is tossed between the two players. Each player takes a step back every time a balloon is caught. The player that doesn’t break a balloon wins!

Glo Germ can also be applied to the water balloons or other item you decide to play with.  This will help teach your students how germs spread and how they can avoid them in the future (good hygiene habits, handwashing, covering coughs, covering sneezes, etc.
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