New Glo Germ Graphic to Help Educate

posted Nov 21, 2013, 6:33 PM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 23, 2016, 2:43 PM ]

New Glo Germ Graphic

We field questions every day how Glo Germ works.  So, we came up with a simple way to illustrate the primary use of Glo Germ in healthcare settings, restaurants and schools.  As illustrated, the results of your hand hygiene campaign will increase with the use of the Glo Germ trainings in conjunction with lesson on proper hand washing.

Glo Germ consists of fluorescent particles that simulate germ presence and spreading.  The fluorescent germs are not visible with the eye unless illuminated with a UV black light.  Hence, students and staff members will not be able to see the simulation germs just as they can't see real germs.  This keeps them guessing where and how many germs are present!

One of the many problems with teaching germ lessons is that students and staff members have a difficult time visualizing how germs actually affect us.  Glo Germ changes that.

Glo Germ comes in powder, gel or spray so you can use it in a variety of ways beyond hand washing training. For instance, check out the list below or see our blog post on the Top 20 Ways to Use Glo Germ.

  • -Cleaning Verification
  • -Proper Glove Removal
  • -Proper Apron Removal
  • -Environmental Cleaning Training
  • -Cough Simulation
  • -Sneeze Simulation
  • -Handshake Germ Spreading Simulation
  • -Chewing on Writing Utensils Simulation
  • -Office Supply Germs (Keyboard, Mouse, Pens, Etc.)
  • -Sharing Drinks Simulation

There are so many uses for Glo Germ.  The infection control training can fit into any issue or problem that you are seeing.  Tell us your issue and we will help you build in Glo Germ to provide solutions.

We wish you luck with Glo Germ and higher hygiene standards!

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