OUTFOX Participates in Radio Discussion on Vaccinations

posted Jul 27, 2011, 7:10 AM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 24, 2016, 8:34 AM ]
Vaccinations are a hot topic for the hygiene and infection control industry.  So, when Dr. Veronica (www.DrVeronica.com ) and her co-host Russell Cook asked OUTFOX to speak- we were excited!  Click on the link below to see the audio clip version of the show and listen to the great guests.  "Vaccination Nation" by Dr. Veronica.

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Some of the items discussed and suggested include:
-Not vaccinating at all (one guest has never been vaccinated and has avoided illness through a health lifestyle)
    -Avoid vaccines because they contain human fetal tissue, animal tissue, and formaldehyde
-Spreading out the vaccination schedule (Due to toxins in vaccines, Dr. Dell Peterson recommended spreading out the times when vaccines are administered)
-Only using vaccines for certain circumstances (depending on travelling areas, living areas, family situations, etc.)
-Making an informed decision (Don't just get vaccinations because you're told to- study and read up what will be best for you)
The one issue I had with the broadcast was that there was not a contrasting opinion.  Granted, the hosts had someone lined up to talk about the pros of vaccinations but the guest was unable to attend.  So, it seemed that it was a group of guest reaffirming the non-use or limited use of vaccinations.
OUTFOX takes the standpoint that you should be making an informed decision when it comes to vaccinations.  Vaccinating is only one form of OUTFOXing infection and avoiding illness and disease.  Although there are toxins and other harmful things contained within vaccines, they definitely have a useful purpose in certain circumstances. 
OUTFOX promotes responsibility when it comes to infection.  One should be constantly learning how they can OUTFOX illness and disease.  People should constantly asking themselves "How can I make my living area more congruent to a healthy lifestyle?" and "How can I change working circumstances in order to OUTFOX illness?" and "How can I modify my recreation activities to maximize health?"  Building a life plan around OUTFOXing infection can greatly reduce your need to vaccinate. 
If you need help devising a plan for a healthy lifestyle while you're at home, work or play- contact us!  An OUTFOX representative will gladly help you get the right tools, trainings and other materials to OUTFOX unhealthy behaviors.

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