Part 2 of Conducting Health Training Assessments

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Part 2 of 3 of using Glo Germ in your organization

We previously posted the first part to Conducting Health Training Assessments.  We discussed how to find out and analyze your organization's current health situation and determine if a Glo Germ lesson could be implemented.  Finding out where there are health, hygiene or infection control issues will help you stay in front of outbreaks in your organization.

Conducting Health Training Assessments Continued

Conducting Health Assessments will allow the teacher/instructor to determine the best type of training and frequency of these health trainings. Please consult with an OUTFOX representative for any questions you may have.

There are three main steps to follow when Conducting Health Assessments.
  1. Teachers/instructors need to Find Out what main concerns are present in the organization, classroom or faculty setting. 
  2. The proper lesson plan or training should be Prepared and Implemented according to the data obtained in the Find Out stage. 
  3. The instructor should conduct proper Follow Up to ensure that results are present and that health concerns are resolved. 

Prepare and Implement

Once instructors, HR personnel or the designated health professional become familiar with the common complaints of employees, the common illnesses and the common communicable diseases, they are ready to prepare lesson plans that will benefit their staff. The following is an outline that can be used for implementing health assessments and related training (in further detail in the Hygiene Instructional Manual). 


The instructor should first introduce the employees to the most common complaints of missed days for employees. A description of the common complaints should be provided as well as instruction about what should be done when encountered (i.e. hand washing, tissues, covering coughs, staying home from work when necessary, seeking medical attention, etc.). This should be a time for the instructor to gain trust and ensure that each employee feels comfortable communicating about any illness to the proper manager(s). The process for which a manager handles the most common complaints should then be explained. 

Next, during a meeting the instructor should review the common illnesses and communicable diseases found in the specific organizations. Explain that with proper training and follow through of health processes (hand washing, etc.) by the employees, outbreaks can be avoided. Explain that prevention is the preferred method of disease control. Emphasize that skills learned in the organization can also be applied to their homes and family situations.


See the Glo Germ Kit Lessons for effective trainings and outline of prevention instructions. The Glo Germ activity entertainingly illustrates and can explain how using basic hygiene skills can make a big difference. The Glo Germ Kit, in general, should have fluorescent lotion/powder, a black light, and an instruction manual. Use the provided games and activities to enhance the learning experience when using the Glo Germ system.


The health instructor should answer all questions that are asked by the employees. Comments, stories and scenarios should be shared to elicit questions that are on the minds of the staff. If there is particular interest in a certain topic, illness, or disease the instructor should make a plan to revisit the topic at a future date. In that case, more research and a new activity can be developed (see the Infection Control Activities Section) to fulfill this request.

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