Part 3 of Conducting Health Training Assessments

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Follow up is Part 3 of 3 of using Glo Germ

This is part three of Conducting Health Training Assessments.  Previously, we discussed how the appointed health manager (it can be the HR manager, Office manager, Vice Principal, or other person of authority in your organization) needs to Find Out the main health concerns of organization.  They need to analyze where there are hygiene fails and so forth.

Next, we discussed how they must prepare a series of health lesson (using Glo Germ if possible).  Finally, the health lessons were needing to be implemented.

The following is the brief explanation of the process of conducting assessments for better health.

Conducting Health Training Assessments

Conducting Health Assessments will allow the instructor to determine the best type of training and frequency of these health trainings. Please consult with an OUTFOX representative for any questions you may have.

There are three main steps to follow when Conducting Health Assessments.
  1. Teachers/instructors need to Find Out what main concerns are present in the organization. 
  2. The proper lesson plan or training should be Prepared and Implemented according to the data obtained in the Find Out stage. 
  3. The teacher/instructor should conduct proper Follow Up to ensure that results are present and that health concerns are resolved. 

Follow Up

The process of planning, preparing and carrying out assessments and trainings is ineffective unless the proper referrals or follow up actions are conducted. The health manager should plan for a future date to refresh the topics discussed in the assessment and training. See the Programs Section, Games Section, Activities Section, and General Information Section as well as other products provided by OUTFOX in the Hygiene Instructional Manual. 

The following list are ways to follow up with a health lesson or training (especially if using the Glo Germ Kit):
Have an Infection Control Olympic Games
Have a cleaning competition
Use Glo Germ for hand washing
Use Glo Germ for glove removal
Have a health poster creation contest (hang up contestant's posters)

Also check out the top ways to celebrate Health Week at the following link (Health Week Ideas)

This additional information will help solidify the concepts that will transform into a healthier future. Consistently following up can guarantee a reduction in the number of outbreaks of communicable illnesses and diseases. Some consistent learning programs include cleanBLING™ Express, cleanBLING™ Method, cleanBLING™ Habits, and other lessons.

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