Preparation for a Glo Germ lesson

posted Oct 11, 2015, 10:39 PM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 23, 2016, 12:57 PM ]

Steps to follow for an effective infection control lesson

Preparation for Your Training 

  1. If you purchased the Glo Germ system, review all of the materials in the package you have purchased. Please read all of the suggestions and warnings to avoid any unwanted result. 
  2. Write out an outline of how your training will proceed that will be optimal for your audience. See the subsection “Conducting Health Assessments” to help prepare for your training (previous blog post). Make sure to properly introduce the training to get the maximum results. An outline might contain the following sections: 
    1. Introduction (explain the hygiene issue and related statistics) 
    2. Activity explanation (explain the glow in the dark element and how it ties into unseen germs) 
    3. Perform the activity (show where you planted the invisible/semi-invisible Glo Germ gel/powder with a black light or have the audience apply lotion/powder) 
    4. Post activity explanation (explain how germs stick around despite our efforts to remove them). 
    5. Recognition (point out good examples of those audience members that were able to clean the best). 
    6. Conclusion (tie in the training to your organization and its goals) 
  3. If applicable (according to training suggestions below), plant some Glo Germ powder before any member of your audience enters the room. 

Quick Training Instructions: 
  1. Preface the trainings and what the audience will experience. 
  2. Apply Glo Germ lotion, powder, mist, or spray OR reveal that you have applied the materials to counters, students, papers, etc. 
  3. Use the black light to show the effect of germ spreading. 
  4. Have participating (effective if all have Glo Germ (or Glitterbug) lotion/powder applied to hands) students wash hands and other affected areas. 
  5. Re-Check applied areas with the black light to emphasize hygiene. 
  6. Conclude with explanations and statistics.

Your Glo Germ training system

If you purchased Glo Germ, the packet in front of you will likely resemble what is shown in the featured picture here: Glo Germ. Package contents may differ depending on the package or training version purchased. If you have questions about any of the package contents after reading the Training Instructions please call or email us. For best results, use the Program, Game and Activity Ideas in this blog roll. A single training can be forgotten more easily than a well thought out program that uses many elements of teaching and learning.

Good luck!

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