Preparation for coronavirus through Glo Germ

posted Mar 1, 2020, 10:46 PM by Todd Fox   [ updated Nov 24, 2021, 1:38 PM ]
Besides the mandates and recommendations passed down from the health organizations (WHO, CDC, Federal and state government health organizations, etc.), what are some ways you can prepare your organization to limit the spread of coronavirus? 

OUTFOX fully recommends instituting a hand washing and general germ awareness program using Glo Germ. Often, people don't comprehend the path of contagious materials. Some may be naive about their habits, cleanliness, and general thoroughness when it comes to hygiene and sanitizing. 

Glo Germ cements the visual element of prevention. You can find out how to run a thorough training with your team (whether in a hospital, clinic, school, dentistry, or other type of organization) in the following article:

The article contains instructions for the training and tips/tricks for helping everyone understand the ramifications of negligence. 

Which type of Glo Germ is best to train my team on for covid 19 and covid variants?

It really depends on the type of training you feel is needed. Here is a short description of uses for each form of Glo Germ:
  • Glo Germ Gel can simulate saliva, blood, and other bodily fluids on hands and items.
  • Glo Germ Powder can simulate sneezes, coughs, and other airborne elements.
  • Glo Germ Mist can also highlight how airborne elements spread so quickly.

What signage should I post?

OUTFOX has designed the CDC Standard Precautions into printable signs that can be used in your organization. Feel free to print them as many times as needed. The following are direct links to pages where they can be downloaded.

It will be up to you to train based on the type of contagious ways coronavirus might reach or affect your team. You can match the Glogerm form needed by the threat source (dirty hands, coughing, sneezing, contaminated clothing, bodily fluids, etc.) and then apply it in the respective way for the training. Please email us at for questions or recommendations.