Product Review: Clue Spray for Environmental Cleaning Verification and Inspection

posted Feb 27, 2013, 12:19 PM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 23, 2016, 3:17 PM ]
The following OUTFOX Prevention product review will help you figure out how you can utilize Clue Spray for your infection control verification needs.  Through Clue Spray, you will find out how your organization can realize a cleaner environment (fluorescent materials and black light) by using visual hygiene tools.  The positives and negatives will also help in your buying decision.  For related infection control products, use the links in the far right column.

How Does Clue Spray Differ From Other Fluorescent Hygiene Training Systems?

Fluorescent materials for infection control currently come in a gel, lotion, powder and marker/pen.  So, why was a spray created for germ simulation and cleaning verification?  First of all, the fluorescent spray covers a wider area than other forms of application.  Whereas the flourescent lotion, gel and pens are usually applied to a small area, Clue Spray can spread out over large counters, sinks, tables, etc.  This will help you see the traffic patterns and also how well cleaning is being conducted.  

Next, Clue Spray can stick to the areas where it was applied.  This benefit is in contrast to the properties of fluorescent powders that are used for infection control.  You can dust walls, curtains, desks, etc. with the fluorescent powder (and Clue Spray), but the powder does not stick well.  This can cause a problem when the powder bunches up or shows up too white (when applied too thick).  Clue Spray can be used on most surfaces and goes on clear.

Doesn't a UV Black Light Illuminate the Fluorescent Materials All the Same? 

The answer is no, some glow brighter than others.  Specifically, the most illumination came from the Glo powder, then Clue Spray, then the Glitterbug Potion (lotion).  You need to pick which method illuminates best, but also which method works with what you are trying to accomplish.  Each of the flourescent materials (gels, lotions, powders, markers and sprays) have their optimal use.

There were many benefits to Clue Spray as we tested and reviewed its capabilities for infection control at hospitals, schools, restaurants, food services and other organizations.  Although most facilities can get by without needing the extra spray medium for hygiene trainings, it is convenient to have for your facility's overall infection control strategy.

Highlights of Clue Spray

The following are positive and negative traits that we concluded about Clue Spray.  Whether each point is a positive or negative depends on the purpose in facility though. Use our review to start your own research dealing with the best method of infection control verification.

The Positives of Clue Spray
-Sprays evenly onto surfaces
-Spray helps control wasted product during application
-Wipes down during cleaning
-Sprays on clear so it is not detected by clients, employees and other test subjects
-Does not stain or cause permanent damages to surfaces
-Germ simulation very understandable for most ages, occupations or learning levels
-Able to be used with a variety of infection control lessons
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The Negatives of Clue Spray
-Aerosol is a medium not usually preferred because of its potential environmental effects
-Aerosol cannot be shipped by airplane, which limits the areas it can be ordered (especially difficult to obtain internationally)
-Clue Spray does not last as long as the gel and powders (expires)
-Slightly more expensive despite it lasting as long as a bottle of Glo Germ or GlitterBug

OUTFOX Prevention's Recommendation

Clue Spray is a great addition to an infection control training kit- especially for environmental cleaning verification.  It glows brightly under a UV black light, although the powder outshines in on almost any surface.  The spray is easily contained and not messy like the powder.  So for cleaning verification (inspectors especially) we say yes, but for other infection control lessons we say stick with the Glo Gel or GlitterBug Powder.

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