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posted Oct 12, 2011, 5:54 AM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 24, 2016, 8:25 AM ]

At first glance, the result to Question 3 (statistic for hygiene compliance) is positive.  It shows that Infection Preventionists have found new employees to start with a high level of compliance.  This statistic suggests that the majority of health employees start with a good base of hygiene and infection control knowledge. 


What is the average infection control compliance rate (estimated) for new employees starting in your organization?


80-100%               40%

60-79%                 36%

40-59%                 12%

20-39%                 12%

0-19%                    0%
Access the Infection Control Survey Here if you have not taken it yet. 


We consider this encouraging because it is easier to train an employee to a higher level of infection control compliance if they already have a high compliance rate than to have to start at the beginning with basic hygiene principles.


However, with further thought to the result, additional questions are raised that will go unanswered until a future survey.  Specifically:



-Is this statistic referring to new health industry employees (have never worked in a medical facility) or does it also include new employees that have transferred from another health organization?
        -Is the infection control compliance rate referring to infection knowledge in general, hand hygiene compliance, environmental cleaning or some other compliance emphasis?
        -Knowing the results of Question 3, what is the appropriate response going to be for your medical facility?
        -What types of employees are experiencing the lowest numbers?  (i.e. nursing, environmental cleaning, secretarial, administration, etc.)
        -Is there a correlation amongst the types of medical organization that experience newer employees with low hygiene compliance rates?  (i.e. large hospitals, small hospitals, clinics, outpatient facilities, etc.?)


Regardless of the additional questions raised by the result of Question 3, there are some actions you can take to avert them.  Taking action can help you effectively deal with new employees in order to keep you organization’s infection control compliance rate high.  For example, some steps may include:


        -Keep a consistent orientation plan and schedule in regards to hygiene and infection control training.  For example, train in the same manner whether an employee is a new professional in the health industry or whether they are transferring from another health organization.

        -Insist that every employee in the organization sit down with the infection control department (or infection preventionist in smaller organizations), regardless of the type of work they will perform.

        -Explain how the new employee’s role fits into the overall organization’s goals.

        -Indoctrinate the new employee with the organization’s belief in infection control by pairing them with the best employees/trainers.  The best should exemplify the highest standards, best attitude, etc.

        -Create a mindset for infection control (use hygiene principles as a base for most lessons, not just a single lesson)

        -Provide training materials (whether printed or digital) so that information can be referenced at any time in the future.

        -Create a hygiene testing program to encourage more effort from the employee upfront.

        -Develop a feedback process to help the new employee measure how well they are learning the organization’s standards (and infection control industry principles).

        -Encourage compliance with incentives and consequences.  Make sure to follow through with the promised rewards or punishments based on results.


The most important step you should maintain with new employees is consistency.  Teach high infection control principles from the beginning with every level or type of employee.  If you would like more information or to be consulted on this topic please contact us.  We have materials, trainings, fun ideas, incentives and other tools for you to start and maintain a hygiene program with high standards.  Some of the different tools include a hygiene instructional manual, Standard Precaution Posters and reminder sheets, infection control posters, hygiene signs, Glo Germ for hand hygiene, fun hygiene products, infection control programs (i.e. OUTFOX Mindset), giant microbes and much more.


We look forward to hearing from you and good luck as you train or influence new employees!

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