Releasing the Hygiene Instructional Manual Digitally

posted Mar 5, 2014, 8:02 AM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 23, 2016, 2:34 PM ]
Throughout this Hygiene Blog we will release hygiene lessons, infection control games, health activities, General Disease Information, and Recommended Readings  
The Hygiene Instructional Manual was created to give instructors (k-12 teachers, daycares and other infection control instructors) the “HOW” of teaching infection control and hygiene. There is a long list of agencies that specialize in setting standards and recommendations (the “WHAT” of infection control), but there are few agencies that show how to implement those standards. OUTFOX will show you how to present infection control and hygiene principles.  

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Developing lesson plans can be time consuming and make your job overwhelming. Hence, We have developed lessons plans for you that are comprehensive and fun. In addition to the lesson plans provided, OUTFOX provides a template system that teachers can simply use to build other lesson plans for future trainings. Make sure to pick up a Glo Germ Kit to aid 

You already have enough pressure to teach other subjects (i.e. math, reading, science, etc.), let us provide the tools to teach a healthier future in your class. 

The lessons, activities, games, and information in this manual are based on the following scope and sequence plan: 

Infection Control Lesson Plans

The included lesson plans are applicable to a large range of ages. The lessons may be copied and used for years to come. The template system allows for multiple additional lessons to be created. The subsequent sections are elements that can be input into the lesson plan templates. We take experiences and lessons from professionals in the field to provide the program templates. OUTFOX will continually build programs to ensure that a variety of lessons are available to teachers. 

Hygiene Games 

The General Game Section is a compilation of games that will complement the lessons you teach. The variety of this section will allow you to choose a game that fits best with the demographics of your class. There are simple games that can be played in the classroom with minimal physical activity and others that require a large space to be played in. Stay tuned- we are continually adding new games. 


The General Activities Section is a compilation of activities that are constructive and artistic. Because of the vast variety, there will be enough activities to complement a whole week or more of lessons for your class. Also, the majority of activity ideas produce reminders that the students can take home. 

General Disease Information and Recommended Readings 

The general disease information included will help teachers prepare for lessons and develop higher standards of hygiene. The more that you know about illnesses and diseases, the easier it is to develop approaches to combat the spread of them in your classroom. Recommended readings have been provided to help you research and give you resources so you can suggest these readings to students as well. 

The school exclusion guidelines will give you an idea of how to control the problems that arise and how to work with community partners. The more you are aware of the illnesses and effects, the better you can prepare and react. 

OUTFOX Support 

OUTFOX has created a support system that partners with teachers and schools. We are dedicated to seeing you succeed. In addition to the products created, OUTFOX also helps with assessments and creating a risk management plan in order for you to realize a healthier future. We will assign an OUTFOX representative to you so you will have maximum support as you undertake important health management tasks.

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