Teaching Tools: Infection Control Games Part 7

posted Mar 19, 2014, 7:51 AM by Todd Fox   [ updated Sep 23, 2016, 2:26 PM ]
Fun games that we have all played... now insert a germ element to teach hygiene
Do you have a lesson dealing with microbiology, germs, microbes, first aid, infection control, hand washing or other hygiene related topic?  Sometimes these topics can be hard to teach.  It depends on the age of the students and how well they can grasp high level topics.  

If you can insert a game or activity that helps demonstrate the principles (i.e. microbes are present even though they are not seen with our eyes, etc.) then you will have a far better result.

Often, teachers try to explain microbiology and germs without using enough teaching tools.  The information will likely go over the heads of the students.  Use the following games and insert a simulation germ activity to help solidify the information.  Here are another round of germ activities!

Germs All Around Us (Ghosts in the Graveyard)

Potential Supplies: No supplies necessary (can use the Glo Germ Fluorescent System). However, prizes are recommended to increase game interaction. 

One or two players are chosen to be the soap participants. The rest of the players are bacteria. Each bacterium at the beginning of the game needs to choose a place and a position (pose) to be in. They will need to return to this place and position when they are being chased by the soap. Once in the place and position, the player is safe. The bacteria close their eyes and start counting “one o’clock, two o’clock…… twelve o’clock, twelve strikes lunch time!” 

As the bacteria count, the soap participants need to hide and wait. The soap participants should wait until the bacteria are as close as possible. The soap then jumps out, chases the bacteria, and tries to tag as many as possible. Tagging can go on as long as the bacteria are not in their place and position. Those tagged by the soap, then become soap themselves. The remaining bacteria count again and continue to find the soap as many times as it takes until one bacterium remains. The last bacterium is the winner. He/she then choose another student to be soap with them and the next game begins. 

Mass Cleanse (Human Knot)

Potential Supplies: No supplies necessary (can use the Glogerm System). However, prizes are recommended to increase game interaction. 

All participants get into a tight group and reach through and take a random hand for each of their hands. This is a pandemic! Everyone needs to separate in order to unravel the pandemic. They should grasp the hands so that they will not become separated as they twist and turn trying to unravel the human knot. The pandemic continues until everyone is released from the knot. 

Note: The Glitterbug System would work well with this activity. Apply the Glitterbug lotion or powder secretly to the hands of a few willing students and watch the simulation germs spread! After the knot is undone, explain the experiment with the simulation germs. Turn off the lights and use the black light to show how far real germs travel! Teach everyone to wash their hands! 

Fun Facts from NIH (www.newsinhealth.nih.gov):

Most coughs are caused by the common cold, but a violent or persistent cough shouldn’t be ignored. 
“Chronic” coughs lasting 3 weeks or more are often caused by postnasal drip, mucus draining down the back of your throat, from allergies. But they can also be a sign of more serious underlying medical problems.
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