The Value of a Good Personal Hygiene Routine

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The Value of a Good Personal Hygiene Routine

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As individuals we are taught as children to practice good personal hygiene by keeping our environment, bodies, clothing and homes clean. As we grow up and become independent it is some of these childhood lessons like washing our hands regularly before meals and so on that we carry into adulthood. Quite often too we will practice rituals that we have learned growing up such as a specific laundry day or using a particular brand of washing up liquid to wash our crockery.
However at times of hardship or stress it is often areas of personal hygiene that are impacted the most as it becomes overlooked in favour of a downward spiral. How often do we not feel like washing our hair or cleaning up due to a relationship break up or let down at work. However, this article serves as a reminder why good hygiene practices are important to embed in childhood for a healthy and wholesome life beyond the family home. Practicing good hygiene in early life is said to stay with us and as a result poor personal hygiene can be a hard cycle to break out of.

Obvious health benefits

Good hygiene has obvious health benefits surrounding the spread of disease and limiting the travel of germs that cause illness and other health concerns. Not only this but even something like the way we care for our teeth and gums poses health risks. Not only does bad dental hygiene affect our teeth but also what is going on in our mouths is an indicator for the rest of our bodies and as such dental infections can lead to other more serious health issues.
It may seem obvious but keeping any cuts or injuries clean will ensure they heal quicker and reduce the possibility of infection. Similarly keeping homes and office environments free of dust and germs will reduce illnesses and the exposure to allergens that can aggravate any allergies.
Poor personal hygiene doesn’t only impact on your health but if can seriously cause your personal relationships to suffer. Those who don’t make the effort to wash and carry an odour or regularly have unwashed hair will find it difficult to socialize with others and make friendships and even affect your career prospects. A healthy, clean and presentable appearance is important to forming positive bonds with colleagues and friends. Good hygiene is also important when embarking upon sexual relationships – should you have poor hygiene with a sexual partner it can not only put you at risk of infections but also affect your confidence when it comes to finding a love match. Confidence issues can be temporary but the long term effects could cause body image concerns and erectile dysfunction in men resulting in a need to use real levitra.
Hygiene can be taken for granted and just the norm for most people. However those suffering from poor personal hygiene, perhaps after recovering from an operation that has hindered normal hygiene routines, can affect your energy levels and sleep patterns. Long periods of disturbed sleep can lead to depression symptoms taking hold which can in turn be impacted further by the frustrations surrounding an inability to clean yourself or your environment.
Letting your individual hygiene suffer will eventually permeate to other areas of your life. Getting on top of a downturn in your personal cleanliness will prevent an impact on your work environment or home life. A cluttered work space can lead to a negative impact on your job performance and an untidy home will only add to the destructive spiral and causes a lack of energy and motivation.

Infection Control Options

Fortunately getting on top of your personal grooming and clearing out the environments in which you operate isn’t as daunting as it sounds. There are now numerous cleaning products and toiletries that will help you quickly get back on track.
There is also support and advice online about how best to establish a hygiene regime for you or your family giving you a whole host of the best hygiene tips out there to reduce the spread of infection and transfer of disease.
There is no doubt that good hygiene takes practice however the influence this can have on your general wellbeing is extremely valuable to a healthy lifestyle.

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