Top Tips for Selecting a Good Washroom Service Company

posted Nov 3, 2017, 12:13 PM by Todd Fox   [ updated Nov 3, 2017, 12:15 PM ]

Promoting a clean and environmentally conscious workplace not only improves your staff happiness but is also a representation of you as a business owner. Both staff and customers who visit your business expect a clean and well-maintained workplace.

Intrusting your washroom service needs to a well-respected company will relieve the stress of maintaining a highly sterile and clean workplace. Washroom service companies bring with them expertise and quality purpose-made products to match your business needs. However, finding the best company to suit your situation can often take a bit of research.

Here are a few of the best tips to help you find the right washroom service company for your business:

Product Designs and Features

This tip is a no-brainer. When you are looking for washroom accessories you want the most advanced and environmentally friendly products with all the latest features. Have a chat to some washroom service providers about what sets their products apart from their competition. Most providers will have a range of different products on offer. The best way to find the right one is to discuss your needs and ask the company how they can satisfy them.

Read Some Testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to gauge not only the quality of a business but also their service offerings. Customers only write testimonials when the business they are dealing with is performing to or above expectations.

Have a read through some customer testimonials from different washroom service providers to see how pleased their customers are with their service. Have a search for them online as well. Social media reviews will also give you a better understanding of the quality of their service.

Local and Trustworthy

Have a look for local washroom service providers and help support the local industry. Local companies are likely to put more effort into providing a great quality service. Your service provider should look to build real relationships with you and your business and show they care about providing you with the highest possible service.

As they are local, you can speak to other businesses in your area who have dealt with the company to better understand whether they can satisfy your requirements. Having a local provider also makes it easier to hold them to account and they know this, so they will likely go above and beyond to provide you with the best possible service.

Focus on Even the Smaller Things

While all companies will explain that they have the best products and will provide the best service, it’s important that they focus on the small things as well. When chatting to service providers about your washroom needs, analyse their tone of speech and the effort they put into providing quality and helpful information.

Companies who put in the effort to go that extra mile will be a great asset to your business. With it, will bring all the advantages of maintaining a clean workplace for your staff. Working with a transparent and informative company will ensure less stress and more productivity.

Price to Match Service Offerings

If you want the highest quality service, as you can expect, it will cost a bit extra. However, it’s important to ensure that the service offerings match the cost. Speak to a few providers and inquire about their different levels of service and the costs associated with each option. This will give you a baseline to compare costs from different providers, to ensure you get the best possible service without leaving your price range.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - Place Environment as A High Priority

Environmental impact is no longer just an afterthought or bonus of working with one company. It’s now a very important factor that should be used to guide your decision-making process. Look for a company that has a genuine environmentally conscious outlook on all business operations.

Environmentally conscious companies should be investing in toxin-free and environmentally-friendly products. By working with companies that put an emphasis on the environment, it will reflect well that your business is also environmentally conscious.

As with any long-term decision, it’s extremely beneficial to take some time researching and shopping around before deciding on which washroom service company is right for you. Follow the tips above to ensure you not only get a great service, but also a company that is genuinely concerned about the environment.

Author Bio

This article is written by Alex Hamilton, who writes on behalf of Envirocare Systems – A Perth based earth-friendly washroom accessory provider. You can catch him on Google+.